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President's Message from Salvatore Baglio

From the President...
Dear Colleagues;
Dear members of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society;
Dear visitors of this webpage:
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the home page of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.
This webpage is your entry point to our Society and to all of our services; to general information on our Society and to our technical activities; to our conferences, publications, and award opportunities; and, finally, to curiosities about our members and our Officers.
The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society is a worldwide group of professionals who share a vision to be “the premier international professional Society in the Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) fields”. 
I would like to here quote what our past president, Max Cortner, used to say: we are a group of “persons“. Persons who share the same interests, who have common scientific curiosity, and who put the same passion to study and solve problems related to measurement and instrumentation.
I feel deeply honored to be the Society President for this biennium 2020-2021, and I hope to build on all the outstanding work done by my predecessors, leading the Society to even greater and more ambitious goals. This cannot be done without the dedication of the AdCom members and persons actively collaborating with the Society serving in many capacities for the benefit of the community.
If you are not yet a member of our Society, I would like to invite you to be part of our group and to make this your professional Society. Join our Chapters, form new Chapters and Student Chapters, invite our Distinguished Lecturers to come for a visit, propose new topics for conferences and workshops, submit your papers to our conferences and journals, attend our conferences, and be an active part of our community!
Join us in our efforts to make our Society always better.
If you will be attending our conferences and events, you will often meet me and other AdCom members: feel free to come and talk to each of us with your ideas, proposals or even criticisms. Write to me or to any of my fellow AdCom members if you cannot reach us in person. We want everyone to feel a part of the I&M Society team.
I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our events!
     Ciao !
Salvatore Baglio
President, IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society