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Best Application in Instrumentation & Measurement Award

$500, a paper certificate, and publication of the idea in the I&M Magazine.
This award will be funded by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.
Nomination Deadline: 
October 1

Please use the following nomination form.

Guidelines of Award

Award will be given at the annual I2MTC conference.
All levels of Membership, including Student Members. Nominees must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society/Council governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4. on Awards Limitations ( Previous award winners are not eligible.
Basis for Judgment: 
It must be an application that best applies I&M principles in an innovative way and delivers impact for the society membership.

This annual award is in recognition of an individual whose idea applies measurement concepts or instrumentation technology in a novel way to benefit society. The application must be a working solution to an engineering need or problem.

Conditions of the Award
Winning candidate must submit a written article, suitable for publication in the IEEE IMS Magazine no later than 6 months following the awarding.

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Award Recipients