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Other Positions

Thomas Roth

Thomas Roth Headshot Photo
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Undergraduate Student Rep (2014, 2015)

Thomas is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.  He is the I&M Undergraduate student representative.

Sergio Rapuano

University of Sannio
Chapter Chair Liaison (2014, 2015); TC-10 Jitter Subcommitee Chair; TC-25 Secretary
+39 0824305804
+39 0824305840
SERGIO RAPUANO achieved the MS degree in Electronic Engineering with honors in 1999 and the PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Electromagnetism and Telecommunications in 2003 from University of Salerno, Italy.
In 2002 he joined the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sannio, where he currently is Associate Professor of Electric and Electronic Measurement at the Department of Engineering.