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Title Position
Vedran Bilas TIM Associate Editor
Juan Manuel Ramirez Cortés Photo Juan Manuel Ramirez Cortés I&M AdCom (2015-2018); Treasurer; Finance Committee Co-Chair
Matteo Pastorino Headshot Photo Matteo Pastorino TIM Associate Editor
Sarah Hatfield Headshot Photo Sarah Hatfield Undergraduate Student Representative (2013)
H.S. Fosque Past President - 1977
Christophe Dubois Photo Christophe Dubois I&M AdCom (2016-2019)
Headshot Photo Milton G. Slade Past President - 1994-1995
Paolo Ferrari Paolo Ferrari
Daryl E. Knoblock
Farrukh Usman Mirza
Ruqiang Yan Headshot Photo Ruqiang Yan VP Technical & Standards Activities; Technical & Standards Activities Committee Chair; Chapter Chair; TC-7 Co-Chair; TIM Associate Editor
Michalis Zervakis Photo Michalis Zervakis TC-19 Co-Chair
Sterling Rooke
Tamás Dabóczi Headshot Photo Tamás Dabóczi
Mohamed Khalil Graduate Student Rep (2015, 2016)
David W. Ricci
Adam Osseiran
Domenico Grimaldi Headshot Photo Domenico Grimaldi TIM Associate Editor
Murat Sean McKeown
Reiner Thomä Headshot Photo Reiner Thomä
Praduemn Goyal
Hugo Loggeman Headshot Photo Hugo Loggeman
Yuri Catunda Photo Sebastian Yuri Catunda
Roger Montague
Varsha PS
Phil Bartley Headshot Photo Phil Bartley
Stephen Dyer Headshot Photo Stephen A. Dyer Past President 2006-2007 and 2000-2001
Steve Sparks
Fabio Scotti Photo Fabio Scotti Technical Committee Chair
Hans-Christian Moehring TIM Associate Editor (2013-2014)
Kristi Paranjape Headshot Photo Kristi Paranjape Faculty Course Development Award Chair
Shiyan Hu TC-40 Chair
Brian Wadell Headshot Photo Brian Wadell Past President - 2002-2003; Technical Committee Chair
Mark Yeary I&M AdCom (2013-2016; 2017-2020); I2MTC Board of Directors (2016-2018)
Ewart Blackmore
Massimo D'Apuzzo Photo Massimo D'Apuzzo
Nick Paulter TC-10 Subcommitee Chair, Pulse Techniques (SCOPT), Probe Standards (SCOPS) Subcommittee Chair; TC-41 Chair
Reuben Munungwe Headshot Photo Reuben Munungwe
Kim Fowler Headshot Photo Kim Fowler Past President (2010-2011)
Pedro M. B. Silva Girão Full Professor
David Slepička Headshot Photo David Slepička
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos TIM Associate Editor; TC 39 member
Robert Krchnavek Headshot Photo Robert R. Krchnavek
Bruno Andò TC37 Member (2016-2017); TC-18 Member (2016-2017); SAS Steering Committee (2016-2017); Faculty Course Development Award Selection Committee (2016-2017); Video Tutorials Associate Editors (2015-2017)
Anirban Mukherjee Photo Anirban Mukherjee TIM Associate Editor
Yeou Song Brian Lee Headshot Photo Yeou Song Brian Lee TC-4 Chair
Jorge Daher Headshot Photo Jorge F. Daher Sr. Past President (2016-2017); Awards & Membership Recognition Chair; Society Awards Chair
Amy Jones
Edwin W. Richter
Headshot Photo Andrew Timm IEEE Young Professionals Program Rep (2014)