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Bruno Andò

Bruno Andò was born in Catania in 1969. Currently, he is Associate Professor in Measurement Science at the Department of Electric, Electronic and Information Engineering (DIEEI) of the University of Catania.

He received the M.S. in Electronic Engineering and the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Catania, Italy, in 1994 and 1999 respectively.

From 1999 he performs research in the fields of sensor and instrumentation at the DIEEI of the University of Catania, as a researcher first and since 2011 as an Associate Professor in measurement science.

Since 1997 he is member of IEEE, and since 2013 he is a Senior Member of IEEE.

He is member of the IEEE I&M TC-18 “Environmental Measurements”.

He is Associate Editor of the  IEEE IMS Video Tutorial

He belongs to the editorial board of the Journal of Sensor Technology (JST).

He belongs to the evaluation board of the international PhD school in Systems Engineering of the University of Catania.

Since 2010 he is a member of the AitAAL (Italian Association on AAL) and since 2004 he is a member of the Italian Group of Electric and Electronic Measurement “GMEE”, Italy.

Since 2015 he is the Chairman of the National Research Activity on “Sensors and Transducers for Measurement” of the Italian Measurement Group (GMEE).

He had an active role as Organizer, TPC, Publicity Chair and Session Chair, for several International Conferences, the latest: IEEE I2MTC 2013, IEEE M&N 2013, IEEE I2MTC 2014, IEEE I2MTC 2015, IEEE M&N 2015, IEEE SAS 2016, IEEE SAS 2017.

He is the scientific coordinator of several international and national research projects.

He acts as a reviewer for the European Commission within the H2020 program and other international funding programs.

He has co-authored more than 200 scientific peer-review papers.


Bruno Andò leads a research group working in the following fields:

Advanced sensing solutions for Assistive Technology

New materials for sensors: ferrofluids, ferroelectrics, functional inks

InkJet Printed sensor

Non Linear Energy Harvesting

Embedded systems and Smart Multi-sensor systems

Advanced signal processing

Sensors’ characterization

University of Catania (ITALY)
Associate Editor-in-Chief, IMS Magazine; TC37 Member (2016-2017); TC-18 Member (2016-2017); SAS Steering Committee (2016-2017); Faculty Course Development Award Selection Committee (2016-2017); Video Tutorials Associate Editors (2015-2017)