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Charles Nader

Charles Nader Head Shot Photo

Charles Nader (IEEE S'08, M'12) ( received an M.E. in electrical engineering from the Lebanese University ULFG2-Lebanon in 2005 and a M.Sc. in EE/Telecommunication from the University of Gävle-Sweden in 2006. Between 2008 and 2012, he was a researcher at the University of Gävle-Sweden center for RF measurement technology, working with digital signal processing for RF systems applications. In 2012, he received double PhD degrees in Telecommunication from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm-Sweden, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel-Belgium. In 2012, he joined Focubeam GmbH in Ulm-Germany, as a systems architect for iAAS wideband Radio Modules. In mid-2013, he was a system architect consultant for NXP Gratkorn-Austria, dealing with NFC applications. He started with Nokia Solutions & Networks NSN in Ulm-Germany November 2013. He is a senior BTS system engineer in the system and architecture design team for mobile broadband radio platforms. Dr. Nader’s main interests cover RF systems, software defined radio, advanced sampling and measurement techniques, Dirty RF, linearization and efficiency enhancement techniques for wide-band RF transmitters, and radio platform architectures. He is an active member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Starting 2014, he is an editorial board member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine.

I&M Magazine Editorial Board (2014, 2015, 2016)