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Claudio Narduzzi

Claudio Narduzzi Headshot Photo

Claudio Narduzzi was born in Venice, Italy, in 1958.
He received the Laurea degree (cum laude) in Electronics engineering from the University of Padova in 1982.
In 1983 he began to work as a Researcher at the same university, becoming an Associate Professor in 1992.
He is now full Professor in Instrumentation and Measurement at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Padova, where he teaches measurement courses in Electronics engineering and in Telecommunications engineering.

He has worked on several instrumentation-related topics in the areas of electronics and telecommunications, including spectral analysis, inverse filtering, circuit testing, quantization and analogue-to-digital conversion. His current research interests are automatic test systems, digital signal processing applications in measurement, instrumentation and test system characterization. More recently he has developed an interest in networked measuring systems and in measurement and diagnostics for packet-switched communications networks, as related in particular to traffic analysis and quality of service assessment.

Current interests in this reaserch area are mainly oriented towards the problems of on-line monitoring and the development of performance measurement and troubleshooting algorithms.
Prof. Narduzzi is the author of over 100 scientific papers and of textbooks for academic courses. He has taken part in a number of national and international research projects, including the European Union 4th and 5th Framework Programmes. He is a member of IEEE and AEI.

University of Padova