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Hui He

Hui He Photo
Hui He received the B.S and M.S.M.E. degree from Sichuan University, Chengdu, China in 2006 and 2009, respectively. In 2012, Hui joined electromagnetic compatibility laboratory of Missouri University of Science and Technology to get a M. S. degree in electrical engineering. Her current research interests include near field measurement and instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility measurement and simulation, and signal integrity. 
In 2013, Hui received the I&M Graduate Fellowship Award for her research topic, “Coordinate Measurement Based EM-field Probing System for EMC Source Location and Far-field Prediction”.  The objectives of this research are to visualize the frequency dependent electromagnetic field distribution for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applications and the time evolution of the current flow induced by an electrostatic discharge (ESD) on complex shaped electronic systems. This is achieved by combining magnetic field probing with a system for automatically recording the probe position and orientation. Due to the complexity of the shape of the electronic systems of interest, and for utilizing the expertise of the user, the probe will be moved by hand not robotically. Concurrently, the local magnetic field, or the ESD induced surface current density will be recorded, associated with the location and displayed at near real time on the captured 3D geometry as a field strength map for EMC applications and, for ESD, as a movie showing the spread of the ESD induced current with sub nanosecond resolution.
Missouri University of Science & Technology