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Jie Huang

Jie Huang Photo
Jie Huang received his B.S. degree in opto-electronic engineering from Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, in 2009 and M.S. degree in electrical engineering in Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, US, in 2012. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering at Clemson University. From 2010 to present, he was a Research Assistant with the Photonics Technology Lab at Missouri University of Science and Technology and Clemson University. His research interest mainly focuses on the development of photonics and microwave sensors and instrumentations for applications in energy, intelligent infrastructure and biomedical sensing. Mr. Huang was a recipient of the IEEE I&M society graduate fellowship award from 2012 to 2013. He has authored or co-authored over 30 research journal papers and held 2 US patents in the past 4 years. He is members of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society, OSA (Optical Society of America), SPIE and IEEE.
The following publications relate to his research under this grant:
1. J. Huang, T. Wei, T. Wang, J. Fan, and H. Xiao, “Control of Critical Coupling in a Coiled Coaxial Cable Resonator,” Review of Scientific instrument, vol. 85, pp. 016405RSI, 2014.
2. J. Huang, T. Wei, J. Fan and H. Xiao, “Coaxial cable Bragg grating assisted microwave coupler,” Review of Scientific Instruments, vol.85, pp. 014703, 2014.
3. J. Huang, X. Lan, M, Luo, H. Xiao, “Spatially continuous distributed fiber optic sensing using optical carrier based microwave interferometry,” Optics Express, vol. 22, pp. 18757-18769, 2014.
4. J. Huang, T. Wang, L. Hua, J. Fan, H. Xiao, M. Luo, “A Coaxial Cable Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Sensing Applications,” Sensors, vol. 13, pp.15252-15260, 2013.
5. J. Huang, T. Wei, X. Lan, J. Fan, H. Xiao, “Coaxial cable Bragg grating sensors for large strain measurement with high accuracy”, SPIE Smart structures/NDE, San Diego, CA, Mar. 2012.
Missouri University of Science and Technology