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Luigino Benetazzo

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Prof. Luigino Benetazzo has been tasked with technical and scientific as well as management activities, in the academic world, industrial companies,  public and governmental agencies.

He is the author of several university textbooks concerning Electronic Measurements, of more than 130 scientific papers and of the item concerning  "Radio-electric Measurements" in the Encyclopaedia of Engineering edit by ISEDI Mondadori (Italy) translated in several languages and distributed world wide.

He received the Laurea degree in electronic engineering (cum laude, approximately equivalent to M.E.E. honours) from Padova  University, Padova, Italy, then he has been with the Faculty of Engineering, Padova University as full Professor  since 1976. He also has been in charge of several strategic management tasks concerning the University of Padova (UPD):

  • Deputy of the Rector for  distance learning since 1996.
  • member of the Board of Directors of the Nettuno Society for distance learning services as the UPD representative. Nettuno covers Italy as well as 10 countries of the Mediterranean area.

He is a Member of IEEE I&M Society and former President of the Italian research group in Electric and Electronic Measurements (GMEE).

His orientation to engineering achievement allowed Prof. Luigino Benetazzo to successfully undertake management and auditing activities in national and international settings.

  • President (1992–1997) of CSELT (now Telecom Italia Lab) the telecommunications research laboratory of Telecom Italia, in Turin, involved in national and international research programs on advanced telecommunication services, in cooperation with leading research centres on telecommunications all over the world.
  • President (1987-1992)  of NECSY (Network Control Systems), a company which designed and manufactured products for the telecommunications market in a joint-venture with the Hewlett-Packard.
  • Member of the Central Office for Legal Metrology of the Italian Government.
  • President of several Commissions for final reviews of projects granted by the Department for Economic Development of  the Italian Government

The most valuable heritage that Prof. Luigino Benetazzo will be leaving to the next generation of measurement scientists, his  pupils and now young colleagues, is a well-structured research group in the measurement field operating at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova, whose researchers have become regular contributors to the annual IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technolgy Conference and authors of papers appearing in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement and other publications of the I&M Society.

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