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Mario Savino

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Prof. Mario Savino was born in Bari, Italy, in 1947, and received his M.S.
degree cum laude in Electrical Engineering from Politecnico di Bari. Since 1971 he has been with the Electrical Institute (now Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Eng. of the Polytechnic of Bari) first as a Researcher, then, from 1973 as an Assistant Professor, from 1982 as an Associate Professor, and from 1985 as a Full Professor in the field of Electrical and Electronic Measurements. Prof. Savino has authored more than 250 publications. His research interests are in the area of metrology, particularly automatic instrumentation and measurement methods, measurements of electrical and electronic circuits, electro-optical measurements and optical sensors, digital signal processing, and .in the area of modeling and testing of digital instrumentation and A/D, and D/A conversion channels; automatic diagnosis of electrical and electronic systems, artificial vision systems for quality control of surfaces. His most recent contributions are in the field of accuracy and reliability of biomedical instrumentation.

Prof. Savino has been serving as Technical Committee Member of the Italian Electrical Committee, member of the Editorial Board of “Measurements”, “L’Elettrotecnica” and “L’Energia Elettrica”, and Chairperson of several International Conferences; most recently MeMeA 2011 where he served as General Chair.

Politecnico di Bari Italy