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Massimo D'Apuzzo

Massimo D'Apuzzo Photo
Massimo D’Apuzzo has been Full Professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements since 1986. He is currently affiliated with the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. 
Massimo D’Apuzzo carried out a proficuous and intense scientific activity in the area of Instrumentation and Measurement. He has headed research groups involved in the research activities in the field of general metrology, as well as in the definition, design and experimental validation of innovative methodologies for the characterization and performance assessment of dynamic systems, analog-to-digital converters and transducers. His most innovative and influencing scientific contributions are referred to three themes: (i) use of microprocessor for measurements on electrical systems, (ii) automatic instrument fault detection and isolation and (iii) power measurement on wireless communication systems.
Massimo D’Apuzzo has been academic tutor and scientific mentor of several PhD fellows and collaborators, most of whom are now leading academics of Electrical and Electronic Measurements in prestigious Italian universities or occupy managing positions in industrial companies. He has founded and is Director of the Center for Advanced Metrology Services of the University of Naples Federico II.
He was President of the Italian Group of Electrical an Electronic Measurements, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II, member of the Academic Senate and President of the Scientific and Technological School of the same University.
University of Naples Federico II, Italy