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Title Position
Ruth A. Dyer President (2016-2017)
Max Cortner I&M AdCom (2014-2017, 2010-2013); Exec. VP (2016-2017)
Dario Petri Headshot Photo Dario Petri I&M AdCom (2015-2018, 2011-2014); VP Finance; Finance Committee Chair; TIM Associate Editor; Fellows Coordination Committee Chair (2016-2017)
Chi Hung Hwang I&M AdCom (2016-2019); VP Conferences (2017); Conference Committee Chair (2017); I2MTC Board of Directors (2015-2017); TC-18-Member
Zheng Liu Headshot Photo Zheng Liu I&M AdCom (2015-2018); VP Publications; Publications Committee Chair; TIM Associate Editor; TC-36 Co-Chair
Shervin Shirmohammadi Headshot Photo Shervin Shirmohammadi I&M AdCom (2014-2017); VP Membership; Membership Development Committee Chair; Editor-in-Chief, TIM (2017)
Ruqiang Yan Headshot Photo Ruqiang Yan VP Technical & Standards Activities; Technical & Standards Activities Committee Chair; Chapter Chair; TC-7 Co-Chair; TIM Associate Editor
Salvatore Baglio Headshot Photo Salvatore Baglio I&M AdCom (2015-2018); VP Education (2016-2017); Education Committee Chair (2016-2017); TIM Associate Editor; SAS Steering Committee Chair (2016-2017); Video Tutorials EIC (2015-2017); Sensors Council Rep (2017-2018)
Juan Manuel Ramirez Cortés Photo Juan Manuel Ramirez Cortés I&M AdCom (2015-2018); Treasurer; Finance Committee Co-Chair; I2MTC Board of Directors (2017-2019)
Jorge Daher Headshot Photo Jorge F. Daher Sr. Past President (2016-2017); Awards & Membership Recognition Chair; Society Awards Chair
Reza Zoughi Jr. Past President (2016-2017); N&A Committee Chair; TIM Associate Editor; Distinguished Lecturer (May, 2014 thru 12/31/2017); I2MTC Board of Directors Chair (2016-2017)
Wendy Van Moer I&M Magazine Editor-in-Chief (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017); I&M Magazine Editorial Board Chair (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017); TIM Associate Editor