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Thomas Linnenbrink

Thomas Linnenbrink Headshot Photo

Thomas E. Linnenbrink received a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1967 from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a MS in Engineering Science with emphasis in automatic Control from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1971.  He co-founded Q-DOT, Inc., in 1977 to develop signal generation, data acquisition, and signal processing equipment based on unique, custom integrated circuits.  He is currently a Business Development Manager for Hittite Microwave which acquired Q-DOT in 2005.  He has been active in the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society’s Waveform Generation, Measurement, and Analysis Committee (TC-10) since its inception and has served as its chairman since 1997. TC-10 has developed standards for digitizing waveform recorders, ADCs, and pulses, and is developing standards for DACs and high-frequency instrumentation probes.

Teqnovations, LLC
TC-10 Chair