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Awards Committee


    Kansas State University
    Sr. Past President (2020-2021); Awards Chair (2020-2021)


    I&M AdCom (2020-2023); (2015-2018); Executive VP (2020-2021); Puebla-Mexico Chapter Chair (2015-2018), Treasurer (2016-2017); Finance VP (2018-2019); I2MTC Board of Directors (2017-2019)

    Gourab Sen Gupta Headshot Photo
    Massey University
    I&M AdCom (2018-2021); VP Conferences (2019-2020), Conferences & Meetings Committee Chair (2019-); SAS Steering Committee Chair (2018-2019); I2MTC 2019 Chair; I2MTC Board of Directors (2018-2020);

    Headshot Photo
    National Research Council, Canada
    I&M AdCom (2018-2021); VP Publications (2020); TIM Associate Editor-in-Chief; CRFID- Society Representative; TC-42 Chair