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Domenico "Mimmo" Grimaldi

Thursday, November 15, 2018

In Italy, anyone active in the I&M field could say that they’ve known Domenico (Mimmo) Grimaldi since forever, even if they lived hundreds of kilometers apart and they studied or worked at different Universities. We all shared the same interest and passion: Instrumentation & Measurement.

There were very few professors teaching I&M in Italy when Mimmo, and those like us, started our careers many years ago as young assistant professors. The professors, who triggered and nurtured our passion for I&M, were so wise to understand not only the importance of this subject in a world that is more and more relying on measured quantities and data, but also that the I&M culture could be developed and disseminated only by people who were deeply engaged in this field and in finding common solutions to the different I&M problems. On a regular basis, they organized several scientific meetings where these issues could be discussed among all of us. Their wisdom was so great that they also understood that good friends could have been much more “efficient” than only colleagues. So those meetings – let’s not forget that we live in Italy! – always ended with a good dinner, with all of us sitting at the same table and sharing the same good food and wine. No wonder the generation to whom Mimmo belonged developed such a strong friendship, and the awareness that we had not only good colleagues but also good friends. Mimmo was one of the quietest of us, always respectful of everybody’s else ideas, but also very determined in expressing his own. His competences in the ADC field, and more recently, in biomedical measurements represented a reference for all of us.

Mimmo’s contribution to The Instrumentation and Measurement Society was as significant, despite how quiet he was. He was one of the best Associate Editors for our Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM), and he was one of the founders of our MeMeA symposium. The 2009 edition he organized in Cetraro, a wonderful little town of the Sothern Italy coast not far from his hometown, Cosenza, was memorable from both the scientific and social point of view, filled with the natural warmth with which he infused in everything he did.

He was also a wonderful father to his daughter and his son. He loved to talk about them, and there was always a glance of pride in his eyes, even when he was somehow worried (and which father is not?) about their future.

On October 24, 2018, a terrible, silent, and sudden illness stole him from us at the age of 66; we are dearly missing him as a colleague, a friend, and the companion with whom we shared all our professional lives as well as many wonderful moments.

We’ll miss you, Mimmo. Our deep sorrow is mitigated only by the awareness that your warm smile will remain with us forever. Ciao! Rest in peace.

Written by: Alessandro Ferrero