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IEEE IMS Distinguished Lecturer, Octavian Postolache, delivered lecture at ATEE 2017

Octavian Postolache, IEEE IMS Distinguished Lecturer, delivered a lecturer at the 10th edition of the International Symposium on Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering, ATEE 2017 in Bucharest, March 23-25, 2017.
ATEE is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (, since 1996.
Thirty-two papers with EMB (23) and EMC (9) topics were presented during the dedicated oral and poster sessions of the ATEE. A special EMB&EMC session, held in the afternoon of March 23rd, brought together members of the EMB, EMC, and other Romanian Chapters technical co-sponsors of the ATEE.
Prof. Octavian Postolache, from Portugal, honoured the ATEE event as invited IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Distinguished Lecturer. His lecture, titled Tailored Environments for Physiotherapy Assessment in the Internet of Things Era, was presented in a plenary session and was well received by participants. 
Following an already established tradition for joint actions, the Chapters meeting took place in the afternoon of March 23. Prof. Alexandru Mihail Morega (chair of the EMB Romanian Chapter) and Prof. Andrei Marinescu (former Chair of the EMC Romanian) presented brief reports and the action programs of the two Chapters. Prof. Mircea Eremia (President of the IEEE Romania Section) delivered a short speech on the current, retrospective, relevance, future goals and activities of the two Chapters.
Anno 2017 is special: 10 years and 15 years, respectively, since the foundation of the EMB and EMC National Chapters. The President presented the founders of the two chapters with Anniversary Diplomas. Congratulations to all the EMB and EMC national Chapters present and former members!
ATEE 2017 – Image taken after the joint meeting.