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Newly Approved IEEE Harbin Section Instrumentation and Measurement Society Chapter

Mainly based in the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), the IEEE Harbin Section Instrumentation and Measurement Chapter serves faculty, students, engineers, and scholars interested in instrumentation and measurement. The Harbin Chapter is dedicated to promoting international scientific research, moving international research forward, and providing opportunities for young professionals.

The Harbin Chapter plans to offer a series of academic and technical activities and organize multidisciplinary seminars and workshops to deepen interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation. In addition, the Harbin Chapter aims to provide a platform for academic exchange, and enhance the communication and cooperation with the China Instrument and Control Society and Heilongjiang Instrument and Control Society. Eminent scholars from the IEEE I&M Society will be invited to visit Harbin and share their experience in academic meetings. The academic meetings will cover topics such as data-driven industrial intelligence, intelligent diagnosis and prognosis, and unmanned system testing. Student branches will be organized later to strengthen communication with other I&M Society chapters and young researchers.

The Harbin Chapter welcomes new members and publicity. We would be glad to invite 10 to 15 new members to join the I&M Society and related conferences. We would also like to invite 2 to 3 lectures or other section chairs to visit Harbin Chapter, and support an academic conference as co-sponsor.