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TC-15 - Virtual Systems in Measurements

TC Title: 
Virtual Systems in Measurements

The goals of this Committee are to:

Develop, promote and support standards in the field of virtual systems for test, measurement and control applications, including hardware and software such as graphical programming environments, languages, user interfaces, instrument drivers, program documentation, and test executive tools;

Develop, promote and support development tools, methodologies and standards for multi-sensor environment perception, multi-sensor fusion, world modeling tools, virtual reality (VR) languages, model validation, model-data formats, interactive hardware/software interfaces with VR environments, telepresence, and model-based telecommunications and telecontrol applications;

Attract a wider audience to the benefits of VR through workshops, lectures, and possibly a web site;

Maintain liaison with other groups, societies, and organizations working in the same field.


    Emil Petriu Headshot Photo
    Univerisity of Ottawa, School of Information Technology and Engineering
    TC-15 Chair

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