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Updates on Transactions on I&M

IEEE TIM enters Q1 of JCR's EEE category for the first time

We are very pleased to announce that in the latest Journal Citation Report (JCR), TIM has entered the first quartile (Q1) of JCR’s Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) category for the first time! This is an important milestone, since the EEE category is used by IEEE to compare its journals against non-IEEE journals that publish in IEEE’s fields. This means that not only TIM is a top journal in its own field of instrumentation and measurement (I&M), but also in all of electrical engineering. In addition, TIM has remained in Q1 of JCR’s Instruments and Instrumentation category, and continues to be the #1 general I&M journal with an Impact Factor of 3.658 compared to last year’s 3.067. Other JCR metrics are also impressive. The Scopus report is similarly positive: TIM easily maintains its #1 general I&M journal status with a CiteScore of 6.6 compared to last year’s 3.84, and is in Q1 of the Instruments subject. Our timeliness has also improved, especially since our move to the new manuscript processing system, PeerTrack, which has led to an average submission-to-first-decision time of 28.4 days in 2020, compared to 59 days in 2019 in the old AllenTrack system. For more details, please see TIM's metric page.

IEEE TIM to go fully digital in 2021

Due to its recent large backlog size, the ever-rising number of submissions, the insignificant number of print subscribers compared to TIM’s total readership, and the authors' demand for rapid publication, TIM will become an online-only, Volume-only, rapid publication journal starting 2021. After the December 2020 Issue, TIM will no longer have Issues or a backlog. From 2021, when a paper is accepted, its final IEEE-edited version is assigned to a Volume on IEEE Xplore with article sequence number in approximately 3 weeks after acceptance, assuming the authors will be timely in submitting the correct final files and responding to proof requests. At the end of each year, two Table of Contents (ToC) will be published: one ToC with papers listed in order of their subject area, and another ToC with papers listed in order of their type (survey, short, special section, regular), each type also sorted based on subject area. Since TIM will no longer have any Issues, Special Issues will now be called Special Sections. This will modernize TIM into a rapid-publication and fully digital journal which satisfies the needs of today’s authors.

IEEE TIM celebrates its 70th anniversary!

TIM will turn to Volume 70 in 2021, indicating its 70th anniversary. Be sure to read the Editor-in-Chief’s Year-End Message, appearing soon in the December 2020 Issue, which will contain all sorts of fun historic facts and a number of interesting top 70 lists: Top 70 most-published authors, Top 70 most-published organizations, and Top 70 most-cited articles, all extracted from the Web of Science data and in both “all time” and “in the past 7 years” categories, as well as Top 70 most-productive reviewers and Top 70 most-productive Associate Editors, both for the past 7 years.


TIM moved to Allen Press’ PeerTrack™ system in 2020

Publishing is one of the best methods for researchers to spread the good news about their innovative research.   The IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) is dedicated to this goal, and the leadership of TIM and the Instrumentation & Measurement Society’s Administrative Committee is working diligently to ensure that submitting papers is as efficient as possible for authors, reviewers, and the editorial team.  As such, beginning in 2020, TIM will be supported by new internet-based platform known as PeerTrack™, which is a modern manuscript submission and peer review management website.  Allen Press’ PeerTrack™ is based on the industry-leading Aries Editorial Manager platform and provides journals, books, reference works and other scholarly publications an intuitive, cloud-based system for managing manuscript submissions and peer review.  Consequently, it will be perfect for TIM beginning in 2020 and in the years to come.  As always, authors are encouraged to visit and navigate to the Authors tab for submitting your next manuscript!