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Education Committee


    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    I&M AdCom (2016-2019, 2012-2015); VP Education (2018-2019); Education Committee Chair (2018-2019); Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair


    Salvatore Baglio Headshot Photo
    University of Catania, Italy
    Executive VP (2018-2019); TIM Associate Editor-in-Chief; Sensors Council Rep (2017-2020)

    Lee Barford Headshot Photo
    Keysight Laboratories, the research arm of Keysight Technologies
    I&M AdCom (2019-2022; 2014-2017); I&M Magazine Editorial Board (2014-2019); I2MTC Board of Directors (2014-2016; 2017-2019); Region 1-6 Liaison (2018-2019)

    I&M Undergraduate Student Representative (2018-2019)

    Heriot-Watt University
    I&M AdCom (2019-2022)

    Marco Parvis Headshot Photo
    Politecnico di Torino
    I&M AdCom (2018-2021); I2MTC Board of Directors (2016-2018); TC-25 Chair;