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IMS Video Tutorials: Expert Series

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  • Alessandra Flammini

This video presents an overview on sensors, smart sensors and sensor networks. It defines the main concepts related to sensors and sensor networks, paying attention to the metrological point of... Read more

  • Emiliano Sisinni

This video covers the main characteristics of data delivery in industrial communication, particularly for wireless links. The importance of a properly-designed communication protocol stack is... Read more

  • Marco Mugnaini

This video provides the basics of metal oxide gas (MOX) sensing structure and working principles. A sample structure of a gas sensor is presented as well as a sampling system and a measurement... Read more

  • Veronica Scotti

This video covers this new branch of metrology from the perspective of law professionals. Its aim is to show how the correct expression of measurement results, together with their uncertainty, can... Read more

  • Pedro Silva Girao

In this video, we start by clarifying what a wireless sensor network (WSN) is and the history behind its current state-of-the-art. After presenting some examples of hardware available to implement... Read more

  • Stefano Rinaldi

This video presents an overview on time synchronization techniques for distributed measurement systems. It defines the main concept of synchronization and covers the most important and most used... Read more

  • Gourab Sen Gupta

This tutorial discusses sensor applications in the area of precision agriculture to monitor the health of plants growing in a research laboratory, measure the body condition score of cows using... Read more

  • Gourab Sen Gupta

This tutorial discusses the importance of biomimicry - how models, systems and elements of nature are excellent sources of information and inspiration for development of future sensors and... Read more

  • Octavian Postolache

In this tutorial from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, Octavian Postolache reviews advantages and challenges of IoT for physiotherapy software platforms, as well as important... Read more

  • Marius Gheorghe

In this tutorial from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, Marius Gheorge covers a number of topics that are encountered in parallel calibration and testing of MEMS-based inertial... Read more

  • Luca De Vito

In this tutorial from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, Luca De Vito and Francesco Picariello present the issues related to the design and the characterization of a measurement... Read more

  • Luca Callegaro

In this IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society tutorial, Luca Callegaro illustrates how metrology is close to a revolution. The organizations of the Metre Convention are supporting a... Read more

  • Sergio Saponara

In this tutorial from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, Sergio Saponara focuses on recent advances in sensors and on-board instrumentation for new vehicle generations with driver-... Read more

  • David Macii

We are currently assisting to the fourth industrial revolution. The key for this revolution is smart manufacturing, which relies not only on technical and technological advancements, but... Read more

  • Mihaela Albu

The video is addressing the general topic of measurements in emerging power systems. Firstly, disruptive changes in electric power systems are analyzed in order to understand the impact on the... Read more

  • Luca De Vito

  • Francesco Picariello

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming popular as carrier for several sensors and measurement systems, due to their low weight, small size, low cost and easy handling, which make them... Read more

  • Luca Lombardo

  • Marco Parvis

Distributed measurement systems are becoming pervasive in our daily life and collaborative networks are becoming more and more common so there is the necessity to be aware of the real meaning and... Read more

  • Luca Pollonini

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is an optical technique that allows investigating tissue hemodynamics in-vivo and non-invasively by measuring optical absorption properties of oxy- and deoxy-... Read more

  • Bernardo Tellini

This tutorial aims at revisiting the very basic concept of the measurement of magnetic behavior and magnetic permeability, as well as at providing a discussion towards possible novel magnetic... Read more

  • Daniele Fontanelli

Autonomous systems are nowadays having an undisputed pervasiveness in the modern society. Autonomous driving cars as well as applications of service robots (e.g. cleaning robots, companion robots... Read more

  • Mohamed Abdelazez

Heartrate monitors are becoming ubiquitous and are being used by both athletes and the general public to keep track of their health. Heartrate monitors are just an example of the wearables... Read more

  • Rosario Gerhardt

In this tutorial, the technique of impedance and dielectric spectroscopy will be described in the simplest possible terms.  The recording has been divided into two parts.  It will begin by... Read more

  • Wugiang Yang

Among various industrial tomography modalities, electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) is the most mature and has been used for many challenging applications. ECT is based on measuring very small... Read more

  • Edward Fisher

This video deals with how to detect single-photon using avalanche gain in silicon.