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IMS Video Tutorials: Expert Series

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  • Alessandra Flammini

This video presents an overview on sensors, smart sensors and sensor networks. It defines the main concepts related to sensors and sensor networks, paying attention to the metrological point of... Read more

  • Emiliano Sisinni

This video covers the main characteristics of data delivery in industrial communication, particularly for wireless links. The importance of a properly-designed communication protocol stack is... Read more

  • Marco Mugnaini

This video provides the basics of metal oxide gas (MOX) sensing structure and working principles. A sample structure of a gas sensor is presented as well as a sampling system and a measurement... Read more

  • Veronica Scotti

This video covers this new branch of metrology from the perspective of law professionals. Its aim is to show how the correct expression of measurement results, together with their uncertainty, can... Read more

  • Pedro Silva Girao

In this video, we start by clarifying what a wireless sensor network (WSN) is and the history behind its current state-of-the-art. After presenting some examples of hardware available to implement... Read more

  • Stefano Rinaldi

This video presents an overview on time synchronization techniques for distributed measurement systems. It defines the main concept of synchronization and covers the most important and most used... Read more

  • Gourab Sen Gupta

This tutorial discusses sensor applications in the area of precision agriculture to monitor the health of plants growing in a research laboratory, measure the body condition score of cows using... Read more

  • Gourab Sen Gupta

This tutorial discusses the importance of biomimicry - how models, systems and elements of nature are excellent sources of information and inspiration for development of future sensors and... Read more