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IMS Video Tutorials - Archive

Using Noise to Make Measurements - Tutorial

  • Shlomo Engelberg

In this tutorial we provide an introduction to physical sources of random noise and some of the history of random noise. Then we consider ways of using random noise to measure physical constants;... Read more

The Measurement Concept - Tutorial

  • Alessandro Ferrero

This tutorial gives a short presentation of the measurement concept. It starts from the analysis of the different possible measurement applications and their impact on the everyday life. To prove... Read more

Data Acquisition - Tutorial

  • Kim R. Fowler

Data acquisition Part 1 - Introduction This tutorial introduces you to the fundamentals of instrumentation and measurement. You should learn the following objectives: - the need for measurement... Read more

Wireless Sensor Networks in Environmental Measurements - Tutorial

  • Cindy Harnett

In outdoor applications, wireless sensor networks must be rugged and resistant to degradation from fouling, moisture, and human interference. Ease-of-use is important for setup by users of widely... Read more

Fiber-Optic Sensors - Tutorial

  • Dr. Pawel Niewczas

Optical sensors and photonic devices have technically matured to the point that they are increasingly considered as alternatives for their electronic counterparts in numerous applications across... Read more

3D Scanners: State of the Art - Tutorial

  • Vincenzo Piuri

An accurate, realistic digital model of a physical object can be created by collecting the 3D coordinates of a sufficient number of points of the object surface and by identifying the 3D surface... Read more

Environmental Sensing and Measurements - Tutorial

  • Mike Gard

Real-world applications often confront the designer with unusual requirements not readily apparent in the classroom. Many environmental sensing applications are, or could be, battery powered. Part... Read more

Extreme Measurements - Tutorial

  • Jonathan L. Tucker

Full Title: Extreme Measurements: The Foundation for Success in Nanoscience At nanoscale dimensions, materials can exhibit entirely new properties associated with quantum physical phenomena.... Read more

Uncertainty in Measurement - Tutorial

  • Alessandro Ferrero

This tutorial covers the most fundamental issue of measurements: how can we assess how good the results of our measurements are? To do so, the tutorial presents a model of the measurement process... Read more

Characterizing a 2-, 3-, and 4-port Device - Tutorial

  • Kristen M. Donnell

The tutorial titled ‘Characterizing a 2-, 3-, and 4-port Device’ discusses the process necessary to characterize a 2-, 3-, and 4-port microwave/high frequency device using S-parameter measurements... Read more

Calibrating a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) - Tutorial

  • Kristen M. Donnell

The tutorial titled ‘Calibrating a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)’ outlines the process of completing a full two-port calibration on a Vector Network Analyzer. The tutorial assumes that the viewer... Read more

Commercializing Products: Bringing your Bright Ideas to Market - Tutorial

  • Kim Fowler

The road between an academic proof-of-concept and the actual commercial product is long and difficult. Many bright ideas that demonstrate a usable proof-of-concept die on the road to commercial... Read more

Product Design Tradeoffs, 11 Case Studies - Tutorial

  • Kim Fowler

Product design requires tradeoffs in many different areas: - Circuit design - Cooling - Power - Software - Buy vs. build - Manufacturing - Diagnostics, repair, and maintenance This tutorial... Read more

Introduction to Grounding and Shielding - Tutorial

  • Kim Fowler

Noise affects most devices. Designing adequate shielding does not have to be a black art – in fact, it should not be. Some basic understanding and applying appropriate principles will eliminate... Read more

ADC and DAC Metrological Standardization - Tutorial

  • Eulalia Balestrieri

The tutorial explains what are ADC and DAC, why they are important in our daily lives and why there is the demand for ADC and DAC standardized metrology. Then, the overview of ADC and DAC existing... Read more

IEEE Standard for Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol - Tutorial

  • John C. Eidson

The last 5 years has seen increasing interest in the use of synchronized clocks in distributed system architectures. This is a direct result of the achievable synchronization performance using... Read more

Sensors for Security - Tutorial

  • Mel Siegel

This tutorial surveys sensor technologies and sensing systems for currently perceived security applications. Since its content is based entirely on information available in the open literature, it... Read more

Standardization - Tutorial

  • Pasquale Daponte

The tutorial introduces the main concepts of standardization to understand what is a standard and how it can be defined. In order to understand how standards are delivered, the existing... Read more