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Graduate Fellowship Award

Nominee Information
Provide a nominee for Graduate Fellowship Award
Provide the Nominee's affiliation.
Provide a valid email address for the Nominee.
Supporting Documents
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Please attach two letters of recommendation from someone (other than the nominator) familiar with the candidate’s research and education qualifications.
Attach a one page Biographical Summary of the candidate.
Attach a professional/academic Summary CV (can be up to five pages) of the graduate advisor. Include the advisor’s IEEE membership number.
Attach an unofficial copy of the candidate’s transcript. Include an explanation if the grading system differs from the A to F format.
Attach up to 2 Letter(s) of Support
Attach a one page (single-spaced) statement, written by the candidate, outlining the education and research goals and accomplishments. This can include summer internship experience, undergraduate, and graduate work.
Attach a Research Proposal, no more than 5 single-spaced pages, that specifically provides the following information: Title page containing the title, University name, and contact information of the faculty member submitting the nominating package and the candidate. Include email addresses and phone numbers. Research proposal describing the work to be completed by the application. Objectives, approach, and estimated start and completion dates should be included. The anticipated type of paper (short or full) for the final report must be identified. Any variation during the timeframe of the grant support should be discussed/approved by the committee chair.
Attach a letter of support. A letter of support from the faculty member’s department/institution administrator must be submitted (not to be counted as part of the 5-page proposal). This letter must include an explicit statement about the fact that no institutional indirect cost (of any type) will be assessed by the recipient’s institution.
Nominator Information
Enter the name of the individual Nominating the Nominee
Provide a valid email address for the Nominator.