The IMTC Historical Legacy

Since 1984 the Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (IMTC) is the largest annual international meeting point between the academy and the industry in the whole world, addressing all theoretical and application areas of measurement and instrumentation. IMTC is organised and sponsored by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

Typical topics are: automotive and avionics instrumentation, medical devices and instrumentation, nuclear instrumentation, wireless and telecommunications, calibration, metrology, standards, EMI and EMC, analog signal processing, digital signal processing, waveform analysis, self test, built-in test, diagnoses, sensors, and transducers, distributed instrumentation, A/D and D/A, data acquisition, mass measurements, flow measurements, acoustic measurements, time and frequency measurements, mixed signal measurements, measurement systems, integrated systems, virtual instruments, virtual systems, neural and fuzzy technologies.

Long Beach, CA, USA 1984

Tampa, FL, USA 1985

Boulder, CO, USA 1986

Boston, MA, USA 1987

San Diego, CA, USA 1988

Washington, D.C., USA 1989

San Jose, CA, USA 1990

Atlanta, GA, USA 1991

Metro New York, NJ, USA 1992

Irvine, CA, USA 1993

Hamamatsu, Japan 1994

Waltham, MA, USA 1995

Brussels, Belgium 1996

Ottawa, Canada 1997

St. Paul, MN, USA 1998

Venice, Italy 1999

Baltimore, MD, USA 2000

Budapest, Hungary 2001

Anchorage, AK, USA 2002

Vail, CO, USA 2003

Como, Italy 2004

Ottawa, Canada 2005

Sorrento, Italy 2006

Warsaw, Poland 2007

Victoria, BC, Canada 2008

Singapore, 2009