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San Diego Hotel The new IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium 2007

(SAS-2007) provides a unique forum for sensor users and developers to meet and exchange information about novel and emergent applications in smart sensors, homeland security, biology, system health management, and related areas. Collaborate and network with scientists, engineers, developers and customers, in a balance of formal technical presentations, workshops, and informal interface meetings—A unique feature of this conference, found nowhere else.

    Suggested topics for SAS-2007 include:

        Sensors         Sensor Applications
  • Biosensors /Arrays
  • MEMS and Nanosensors
  • Wireless and Networked Sensors
  • Smart Sensors and Standards (IEEE 1451.X)
  • Virtual Sensors
  • Homeland security
  • Radiation detection and standards
  • X-ray detectors and imaging
  • Integrated System Health Management (ISHM)
  • Multisensor Data Fusion
  • Nondestructive Evaluation and Remote Sensing
  • Commercial Development

Student Best Paper Awards

We are pleased to announce the following Student Best Paper awards for SAS-2007. The Technical Program Committee made these recommendations based on the paper reviews, quality of presentations, and the requirement that the student be the first-author and presenter:

1st Prize: $1,000: Graham Wild, Edith Cowan University, "Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors for Acoustic Emission and Transmission Detection Applied to Robotic NDE in Structural Health Monitoring"

2nd Prize: $500: Sanaz Adl, University of Maryland at College Park, "Low noise pre-amplifier/amplifier chain for high capacitance sensors"

Two 3rd Prizes: $250 (each):
Seung Hyuck Shin, Seoul National University, "Adaptive Step Length Estimation Algorithm Using Low-Cost MEMS Inertial Sensors"
Alaeddin Abu-Abed, University of Alabama in Huntsville, "Capacitive Transduction in Partially Disordered Systems: Application to LC-Based Biosensors"

In addition to cash prizes, the student awardees are provided with a 1-year free student-membership in IEEE and will be designated as IEEE I&M Student Ambassadors.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your participation in SAS-2007!

   SAS 2007 Plenary Address

Optical Fiber Arrays as a Sensing Platform

David R. Walt

Tufts University
Chemistry Department
62 Talbot Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Abstract – We use optical imaging fibers to make fiber-optic chemical sensors. Sensors can be made with spatially-discrete sensing sites for multianalyte determinations. We create high-density sensing arrays containing thousands of microsensors. Microsensor arrays have been fabricated by etching the cores of the optical imaging fiber to create wells and loading them with microspheres. Such arrays can be employed for making genosensors with high sensitivity and reproducibility for detecting extremely low target copy numbers and to identify different strains of microorganisms. The arrays also can be filled with living cells for creating functional biosensors. Such biosensors have been employed for detecting geno and cytotoxins and for examining fundamental aspects of cellular responses. Finally, we have developed sensors based on the olfactory system for broad-based chemical sensing.

David R. Walt is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor and is Robinson Professor of Chemistry at Tufts University. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from SUNY at Stony Brook. After postdoctoral studies at MIT, he joined the chemistry faculty at Tufts. Professor Walt served as Chemistry Department Chairman from 1989 to 1996. Dr. Walt serves on many government advisory panels and boards and serves on the editorial advisory board for numerous journals. From 1996-2003 he was Executive Editor of Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Dr. Walt is the Scientific Founder and a Director of Illumina, Inc. He has received numerous national and international awards and honors and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Walt has published over 150 papers, holds over forty patents, and has given hundreds of invited scientific presentations. Professor Walt's research interests are in the field of sensors with particular focus in the area of fiber-optic chemical sensors. His pioneering research in the field of optical sensors has led to the elucidation of fundamental principles as well as important applications of sensors.

Important Dates:

  • 01 October 2006:      Abstract submission deadline EXTENDED to 15 October 2006
  • 01 December 2006:   Notification of acceptance Completed on 08 December 2006
  • 01 January 2007:       Final manuscript submission deadline
  • 06 January 2007:       Hotel reservation deadline - RESERVE NOW!

Additional Information:

For additional information, contact:

John Schmalzel, General Chair
phone: +1 (856) 256-5332

Shreekanth Mandayam, Vice Chair
phone: +1 (856) 256-5333