12 - 14 February 2008

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Paper Presentations

Below, please find all of the presentations in PDF form that were given at SAS 2008. We would like to thank everyone who helped make SAS 2008 a success! We look forward to seeing you next year in New Orleans.





SAS 2008 Presentations
SAS-2008 Program Presentations
Tuesday, 12-February-2008
P1: Plenary Session 1
Plenary Address: Research Opportunities at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
T1: Biosensors I
Optical Sensor Platforms by Modular Assembly of Organic Electronic Devices.
A Microwave Frequency Sensor for Non-Invasive Blood-Glucose Measurement
Label-Free Electrical Detection of Antigens Based on Micro-Channel Gating
In-vivo External Sensor for Mitochondrial Injury: Circulating Cytochrome c
Bi2O3/Nb2O5 thick film capacitive pH sensor using AD5933 impedance converter
T2:Wireless and Networked Sensors I
An Extensible Model for the Deployment of Non-Isotropic Sensors
Capacitive Flowmeter for Gas-Solids Flow Applications Exploiting Spatial Frequency
Evaluating the 3D Sensitivity Function for a Capacitive Flowmeter
Piezoresistive Strain Gauges for use in Wireless Component Monitoring Systems
Detecting Jamming Attacks in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
T3: Nondestructive Evaluation
Design and Performance of an Impedance Analyzer for Nondestructive Moisture Content Determination of In-shell Peanuts
Microwave Dielectric Sensing of Moisture Content in Shelled Peanuts Indpendent of Bulk Density and with Temperature Compensation
Investigation of Dielectric Sensing for Fruit Quality Determination
Imaging Algorithms for Locating Damage via in situ Ultrasonic Sensors


Wednesday, 13-February-2008


W1: Biosensors II
Infrared and imaging application to measure emergence activity rhythms on Nephrops norvegicus (L.) population assessment
Investigation of ethanol and methanol water mixtures in the visible wavelength area using fibre-optic evanescent field absorption sensors
Integrated Electronic Nose System for Detection
W2: MEMS and Nanosensors
Wireless sensor developments for physical prototype testing
Scanning Micro Interferometer Array with sub-picometer resolution for MEMS inspection
Electrical Modeling of Piezoelectric Ceramics for Analysis and Evaluation of Sensory Systems
W3: Multisensor Data Fusion
Data Fusion and Optimal Placement of Fixed and Mobile Sensors
Embedded Neural Network for Fire Classification Using an Array of Gas Sensors
W4: Wireless and Networked Sensors II
Tracking Wireless Bio-Medical Sensors: Result Validation with the Bland-Altman Plots
Performance Characteristics of a Reservation MAC Protocol with Multiple Data Channels
Security Issues and Quality of Service in Real Time Wireless PLC/SCADA Process Control Systems
Energy Efficient, Delay Sensitive, Fault Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network


Thursday, 14-February-2008


R1: Homeland Secuity
Compressive Sensing Applied to Homeland Security
Analysis of a Right-Hand Circular Polarized Conventional Antenna System for High Altitude Airborne Cellular Base Stations
Ozone Sensing Properties of NbO2 Thin Films for Health and Safety Applications
Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network: Formal Verification using the CSN Modal Logic
Nanoporous In2O3-based Cataluminescence Sensor for Acetic Acid Vapor
R2: Smart Sensors and Standards
Design of a Test Suite for NCAP-to-NCAP Communication based on IEEE 1451
Implementation of NCAP-to-NCAP Communication and Conformance/Functionality Testing using LabView
Wireless Intelligent Sensors Supporting Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) Architecture
Low-Power Wireless Sensor with SNAP and IEEE 1451 Protocol


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