SAS 2009

Final Manuscript Submission Deadline:
January 8, 2009

Advance/Author Registration Deadline:
January 8, 2009

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Presenter Instructions:

Poster Presentations

Poster boards are 4ft (120cm) vertical X 8ft (240cm) horizontal.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentation consists of 20 minutes including Q&A.

A personal computer (with MS Windows operating system) and LCD projector will be available in the conference room for all presentations. The acceptable formats are MS Powerpoint 2003 and PDF.

The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of slides, so as not to exceed the 20 minute time. Typically, 1 slide is presented in 1 minute. Additional slides could be prepared to support possible answers to attendees' questions.

Each slide should not be overcrowded by text and graphics. Too much text should be avoided: slides should support the presentation, they should not be simply read by the presenter. Graphics help in communications, are more understandable, and point out basic ideas.

Use large fonts so as they are readable without effort.