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Student Activities

I&M Student Activities

The Instrumentation & Measurement Society is involved with Students!!  We have an Undergraduate Student Representative and a Graduate Student Representative that sit on the I&M AdCom.  We also support the IEEE Young Professional Program with a representative on the AdCom.  Please feel free to contact these representatives with your inputs on how better to serve the growing student membership.  Also of interest:  The Graduate Student Fellowship Award.

    Young Professional Program Representative (2018)

Best Student Paper Awards

Involving our student members as well as other students more actively in the Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS) is one of the major goals established recently by the IMS Membership Development Committee. In 2005, we began several initiatives to provide more benefits to our student members and encourage them to continue as active members after graduation. One of those initiatives was the creation of Student Paper Contests to be held in conjunction with our two major conferences, AUTOTESTCON and the International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), and one of our symposia, Sensors Applications Symposia (SAS).

We wanted to encourage more students to attend our professional conferences, and we wanted to recognize the outstanding research work that they were performing as undergraduates and graduate students.

Following is a list of all the Best Student Paper Award winners:

I2MTC 2016 Graduate Student Panel

The Graduate Student Panel Discussion will be held again this year at I2MTC 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.  The panel topic this year is "Finding Your Niche."   Each person takes a different route in finding their passion and niche. Sometimes this route is immediately evident, and sometimes it contains obstacles.