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Award Recipients

    Solomon Max
    For pioneering automatic test equipment design, CODEC & DSP test methodology and monumental improvements in signal generation and digitization hardware & calibration

    Lee Gonzales Fuentes Photo
    Project Title: Density Estimation for the Disturbing Noise in Sampling Oscilloscopes
    Faculty Advisor: Kurt Barbé, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Jonathan Armstrong Photo
    Project Title: Steadiness/Tremor Measurement Using a General Systems Performance Theory (GSPT)
    Faculty Advisor: George Kondraske, Human Performance Institute, The University of Texas at Arlington

    Arpit Kothari Photo
    Project Title: Implementation of a Self-Calibrating Technique for a Novel Millimeter Wave Vector Network Analyzer
    Faculty Advisor: Reza Zoughi, Missouri University of Science & Technology

    “For outstanding service of thirteen consecutive years on the Society’s AdCom, including serving at various times as Vice President of Membership Development, Publications, and Finance, and for fifteen years in leadership roles in I2MTC”

    Headshot Photo
    “For leadership in implementation of novel measurement solutions in power distribution systems”

    Headshot Photo
    “For decades of advancements in measurement science and its dissemination.”

    Kurt Barbé Headshot Photo
    “For innovative application of statistical techniques and signal analysis for biomedical applications”

    Abdulmotaleb El Saddik Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions to multimedia computing.

    Robert Rassa Headshot Photo
    For many years of invaluable dedication to the Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

    Yan Zhai Headshot Photo
    For advancement in stochastic signal processing for real-time data acquisition and surveillance measurements.

    Asad Madni Headshot Photo
    For an extraordinary career of enlightened leadership in and pioneering contributions to the development and commercialization of intelligent sensors, systems and instrumentation.

    Stephen Dyer Headshot Photo
    For a career dedicated to education in science and engineering; for research contributions in instrumentation and Hadamard-transform spectrometry; and for outstanding contributions to the I&M Society, including service as Editor-in-Chief of Transactions

    Jenny Wirandi Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions in applying uncertainty concepts to complex measurement processes that involve significant human factors.

    Emil Petriu Headshot Photo
    For outstanding leadership during more than ten years of AdCom membership, including service as General Chair or Program Chair of five IMTC conferences, and as Co-chair of TC-15, TC-28, and TC-30.