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Award Recipients

    Jacques Willems Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions to the analysis of electric power systems under nonsinusoidal conditions.

    David Slepička Headshot Photo
    In recognition of contributions to the dynamic metrological characterization of ADCs.

    Luigino Benetazzo Headshot Photo
    For a career of activities in academia, government, and industry devoted to the instrumentation and measurement field and its propagation.

    Thomas Linnenbrink Headshot Photo
    For leadership of the Society's TC-10 Waveform Generation, Measurement, and Analysis which runs five sub-committees and is active in developing or promoting five major IEEE standards.

    Vincenzo Piuri
    For exemplary contributions to the Society including service on the Governing Bodies of Councils supported by the Society, to the I2MTC as Conference or Program Chair or Steering Committee Member in 10 different years, as Associate Editor of the Transacti

    For service to the Society as Transactions Editor-in-Chief, where he rapidly deployed our online Transactions editorial process and dedicated an incredible amount of time and energy to maintain our Transactions to the highest quality level.

    John Eidson Headshot Photo
    For outstanding leadership in developing the IEEE 1588 Standard for Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems.

    Headshot Photo
    For a lifelong career in automated test and measurement and over 15 years of volunteer service to the Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

    For the development of a distributed measurement laboratory that can be remotely accessed by students over the Internet.

    Mel Siegel Headshot Photo
    For dedicated service to the IandM Society as Treasurer and for leadership as Co-Chair of TC-22, TC-27, TC-28 and TC-30.

    Barry Oakes Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions to the I&M Society, including two decades of service as a member of the Administrative Committee, two terms as Society President, and holding most of the Society offices; for service to the IEEE as a member of the IEEE Board

    Brian Wadell Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions in fifteen years of membership on the Society Administrative Committee and for serving two terms as President of the IandM Society.

    For outstanding contributions to nonlinear circuit theory.

    Hal Goldberg Headshot Photo
    Recognizing outstanding contributions to the Society and the IEEE as President of the I&M Society, Treasurer of TAB and numerous services to Society management, education and conferences.

    Stephen Dyer Headshot Photo
    For outstanding contributions during fourteen years of membership on the Society's Administrative Committee, including service as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions, as founding Editor-in-Chief of the IandM Magazine, and as President of the IandM Society