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TC-9 - Sensor Technology

TC Title: 
Sensor Technology

The goals of this Committee are to:

Develop, promote, and support communication and synchronization standards for sensor and networked systems;

Evaluate and, where appropriate, amend existing sensor and synchronization standards;

Promote sensor and synchronization standards and their applications to user, industrial, and government communities;

Maintain liaison with other societies and national and international organizations working in the same or related areas.


  • Kang Lee Headshot Photo
    Technical Committee Chair; I2MTC 2011 General Co-Chair; SAS Steering Committee (2010-2012); ISPCS 2012 General Co-Chair

AND Subcommittee Chair on Capacitive Sensors (SCS):

  • Georg Brasseur Headshot Photo
    I&M AdCom (2011-2014); Society Awards Chair; Technical Committee Chair

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