Top Cited Papers

Updated for January 2021.



Performance prediction using high-order differential mathematical morphology gradient spectrum entropy and extreme learning machine
H Zhao, H Liu, J Xu, W Deng
A combined polynomial chirplet transform and synchroextracting technique for analyzing nonstationary signals of rotating machinery
K Yu, TR Lin, H Ma, H Li, J Zeng
Online fault diagnosis method based on transfer convolutional neural networks
G Xu, M Liu, Z Jiang, W Shen…
An end-to-end steel surface defect detection approach via fusing multiple hierarchical features
Y He, K Song, Q Meng, Y Yan
A novel weighted sparse representation classification strategy based on dictionary learning for rotating machinery
H Wang, B Ren, L Song, L Cui

A novel sparse echo autoencoder network for data-driven fault diagnosis of delta 3-D printers
J Long, Z Sun, C Li, Y Hong, Y Bai…

Tacholess speed estimation in order tracking: A review with application to rotating machine fault diagnosis
S Lu, R Yan, Y Liu, Q Wang

An enhanced intelligent diagnosis method based on multi-sensor image fusion via improved deep learning network
H Wang, S Li, L Song, L Cui…

Research on remaining useful life prediction of rolling element bearings based on time-varying Kalman filter
L Cui, X Wang, H Wang, J Ma

Pantograph-to-OHL arc: Conducted effects in DC railway supply system
G Crotti, A Delle Femine, D Gallo…
LSTM-Based Auto-Encoder Model for ECG Arrhythmias Classification
B Hou, J Yang, P Wang, R Yan
A new two-level hierarchical diagnosis network based on convolutional neural network
L Wen, X Li, L Gao

Weighted cyclic harmonic-to-noise ratio for rolling element bearing fault diagnosis
Z Mo, J Wang, H Zhang, Q Miao
Application of spectral kurtosis and improved extreme learning machine for bearing fault classification
SS Udmale, SK Singh

DCNN-based multi-signal induction motor fault diagnosis
S Shao, R Yan, Y Lu, P Wang…

Discriminative dictionary learning-based multiple component decomposition for detail-preserving noisy image fusion
H Li, Y Wang, Z Yang, R Wang, X Li…

A Concentrated Time–Frequency Analysis Tool for Bearing Fault Diagnosis
G Yu