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The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine has the goal of providing readable introductions and overviews of methodologies, technologies and applications in the field of Instrumentation and Measurement to a wide engineering audience.

To such aim, many special issues are dedicated to specific hot and challenging topics in the Instrumentation and Measurement framework.

If you would like to write an article or tutorial for the magazine, please review the Magazine’s author guidelines and submit the prepared to the PeerTrack submission system. More general information about publishing in an IEEE Magazine can be found here.

IMM Issues are available through IEEE Xplore and BrightCopy. Please use the links below to access each issue. To access BrightCopy, use your email address as your login ID and your IEEE number as your password.

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IMM Editor-in-Chief

Bruno Andò

University of Catania

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Upcoming Issues

Topics for the 2021 Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine Issues:

  • Nov 2021: Overview of I&M Technical Committees Activities  (deadline: February 2021)
  • Dec 2021: Measurement in Nuclear Systems (deadline: March 2021)

Topics for the 2022 Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine Issues:

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