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Content and Submission Guidelines

Please note that you are submitting to Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine (I&MM), which has the goal of providing readable introductions and overviews of methodologies, technologies and applications in the field of Instrumentation and Measurement (IM) to a wide engineering audience. Articles submitted to the Magazine are expected to address open problems and challenging topics in the IM framework.

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As such, the following guidelines must be fulfilled while preparing an article for the Magazine.

  1. Articles submitted to the Magazine must be framed in the proper context of Instrumentation and Measurement. This could be achieved by properly structuring sections that review of the state of the art and motivations of the work, with the aim of properly highlighting the subject addressed by the paper and demonstrating its contextualization in the framework of IM. It is expected that sufficient references be made to articles published in Instrumentation and Measurement venues (journals and conferences).
  2. Although feature articles are expected to have technical content, they must have a broader appeal and not be too specialized (e.g., without many equations or detailed code), since they should primarily present to the wide audience a general overview of the scientific subject addressed. A section describing SHORT case studies are encouraged, to demonstrate applications of the methodology/technology addressed by the article.
  3. Articles are NOT expected to necessarily bring meaningful novelties. Review articles and overviews on IM methodologies/technologies/applications are very welcome, as well as contributions dealing with Open Problems in IM, to present challenging and ambitious topics which could be assisted by current and advanced technology.
  4. In line with the I&MM mission, articles must be more tutorial in nature and written to appeal to non-experts as well as experts in the field.
  5. IEEE Publication Policies: Please familiarize yourself with and strictly follow relevant IEEE policies in the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual (PSPB Manual), in particular, Sections 8.2.1A (Authorship), 8.2.1.B (Responsibilities of Authors), 6.3.1 + 8.1.4 (Copyright), and 8.2.4 (Author misconduct and plagiarism). Please take very seriously author misconduct and plagiarism. Particularly, the use of content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) shall be identified and accompanied by a brief explanation regarding the level at which the AI system was used to generate the content. The use of AI systems for editing and grammar enhancement is common practice and, as such, is generally outside the intent of the above policy. In this case, disclosure as noted above is recommended.
  6. IEEE Publishing Ethics: please strictly follow the Ethical Requirements, including the definition of authorship, the appropriate citation of sources, the accurate reporting of data, and the publishing of original research.

Submit your article through the Editorial Manager submission system.

Please pay close attention and follow all of the instructions completely to ensure that your paper is submitted fully. Partial submissions will not move forward in the process. Please include one corresponding author to be the contact for the formatting and production process.

Format Guidelines

  • Use a one-column format in Word, with 12-point Times New Roman font, margins of 2.5 cm on each side, left justification, and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Submit a paper that has no more than 3,500 words (5000 words for review articles) including tables. 
  • Submit a paper with no more than five figures, if possible. All figures should be numbered and have a caption. Please include figures in line with the text.
  • Number all equations, references, tables, and figures in consecutive numerical order.
  • Use bullets for items in a list. Numbering will be changed to bullets.
  • Write Headings in bold font and Subheadings in bold italic font with no numbering or outline formatting. Third level headings should be incorporated in the first paragraph of that heading.
  • The magazine format does not include an abstract. Instead, include an introductory paragraph that acts as an abstract. It does not need to be labeled with a heading since Introduction is implied. 
  • Please limit the number of references to 10-12 (15-18 for review articles), if possible.
  • Please include a 3-4 line bio for each author after the References
  • If the paper has no references, please supply three “For Further Reading” sources. These should be added at the end of the article and be in the format for references but do not need to be cited in the text and are not numbered.

Submitting a Paper

Please submit your manuscript to the PeerTrack submission system.

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