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Graduate Fellowship Award

Up to $15,000 per award winner, certificate, and complimentary Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Student Membership, starting in September of the Grant year and including 2 subsequent years.
The funding is made available from the IEEE I&M Society.
Nomination Deadline: 
February 1 (UPDATE: The 2018 deadline has been extended until March 1)
Presentation will be made at the Awards Luncheon at I2MTC.
1. Candidate must be at minimum, a student member of the IEEE. 2. Candidate’s advisor must be a member of the IEEE and the I&M Society. 3. Previous grant recipients are not eligible for a period of two years after receiving the grant. 4. No more than one nomination per graduate advisor will be considered.

The purpose of the grant is to support and encourage graduate-level research in the area of instrumentation and measurement.  The yearly award budget is up to $45,000 USD with a maximum grant of $15,000 USD per winner.  It also includes complementary I&M student membership starting in September of the grant year and including two subsequent years. For more information, download the pdf for the Graduate Fellowship Award.  Inquiries regarding the Graduate Student Fellowship Award should be directed to the Selection Committee Chair, Ferdinanda Ponci.

Nominate for the Graduate Fellowship Award

Award Recipients

    Xie photo
    Project Title: Micromachined Instrumentation for On-Wafer Measurement of Terahertz Frequencies
    Faculty Advisor: Robert M. Weikle II

    Rajan photo
    Project Title: Analytic Moment-based Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation for Reliability Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems
    Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ye Chow Kuang, Prof. Serge N. Demidenko, Prof. Melanie Ooi Po-Leen

    Inghelbrecht photo
    Project Name: Parallelizing Least Squares Methods Under the Multisplitting Theory
    Faculty Advisor: Kurt Barbé

    Project Title: Characterization of Pneumatically Conveyed Pulverized Fuel in Square-shaped Pipes Using Electrostatic Sensor Arrays
    Faculty Advisor: Yong Yan

    Project Title: Microwave imaging system with integrated laser technique for nondestructive testing of non-plain concrete and metal structures
    Faculty Advisor: Sergey Kharkovsky

    Project Title: Millimeter Wave Diagnosis of Burned Skin
    Faculty Advisor: Reza Zoughi

    Project Title: An Advanced Digital Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Medical Imaging
    Faculty Advisor: Jiabin Jia

    Project Title: Active microwave thermography for nondestructive evaluation of surface cracks in metal structures
    Faculty Advisor: Kristen Donnell

    Project Title: Novel Substrate Integrated Waveguide Sensor for Determining Complex Permittivity of Biomass
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samir Trabelsi

    Project Title: Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery using Strip Electrostatic Sensor Arrays
    Faculty Advisor: Professor Yong Yan