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J. Barry Oakes Advancement Award

$2,000 and Plaque designating the individual as the recipient of the IEEE J. Barry Oakes Advancement Award. In the year the award is presented, up to $1,000 for travel support to either attend a technical workshop of the recipient’s choice or give a keynote lecture at I2MTC or AUTOTESTCON;Registration at I2MTC or AUTOTESTCON for year in which keynote lecture is presented; Single Annual Award – only one allowable recipient selected annually.
This award will be funded by the J. Barry Oakes Fund managed by the IEEE Foundation.
Nomination Deadline: 
August 1, 2020
Electronic Application Package must include:
  • Nomination Form
  • Nominating letter from nominator outlining qualifications of the nominee
  • CV of the nominee, with a clear indication of the date of birth
  • 350-word biographical summary of the candidate
  • A statement identifying at which conference (I2MTC or AUTOTEST) the nominee would prefer to present, and explain the benefits of nominee's attendance at the conference
  • Description of additional support provided to the nominee by the employer
  • Title and abstract of the presentation
The award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the annual attending IEEE I2MTC.
35 years of age or younger at the time of the nomination. Other qualifications of the nominee include one or more of the following: Nominee actively engaged in engineering work in the field of I&M; Nominees may hold a position in academia, government, or industry; Nominees must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society; Membership in the I&M society at the time of nomination is required.
Basis for Judgment: 
Qualifications include one or more of the following: Demonstrated contributions to I&M science and engineering; potential leadership/project management skills; potential to serve as role model for other engineers.

To recognize the professional achievements of an individual engaged in the fields of I&M.

Nominate for the J. Barry Oakes Advancement Award

Award Recipients

    For contributions to the advancement of Active Microwave Thermography as a nondestructive testing and evaluation technique

    For fundamental contributions to development of Green’s function based 3D synthetic aperture radar imaging of multilayered structures.

    Lataire photo
    “For fundamental contributions to the frequency domain measurement and identification of time-variant stystem.”

    Mohammad Tayeb Ghasr Photo
    For contributions to the development of real-time millimeter wave imaging systems for nondestructive evaluation applications

    Marco Prioli Photo
    "A New Approach to Uncertainty Evaluation in Complex Measurement Systems"