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I&M Undergrad Rep, Katelyn Brinker, receives International IEEE-HKN Award
Missouri S&T student in electrical and computer engineering, Katelyn R. Brinker, has been selected as the 2017 International Co-Winner of the Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Student Award

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Congratulations to Shervin Shirmohammadi for receiving an honor from Dr. Khaddaj Mallat after his recent presentation at the IEEE Administrative Meeting and Technical Talk at the AAU Abu Dhabi Campus.  During his presentation, Dr.

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From the President...

The beginning of the New Year is always a great time for self-reflection and to take stock of where we currently are, where we want to be, how we get to where we want to be, and what resolutions to make that will help us achieve our goals.

The same is true for the organizations of which we are members and volunteers. This is a particularly important time to look at the current status of our IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Society, to consider the paths we want the I&M Society to follow, and to identify strategies that promise to help us make progress toward reaching our goals.  In early 2017, the I&M Society will undergo both its five-year Society review and its Publications review.  Though 2017 still seems like quite some time away, we will need to begin gathering information and writing our report during 2016, and thus we need to start now to assess the progress we have made since our most recent, 2012 review, identify successful strategies we have developed and implemented during the past five years, highlight best practices we are using, and look toward what we want to accomplish in the future.  

We will begin this work with our officers and editors at our annual Strategic Planning Meeting in late February of this year, and the work will continue throughout the 2016 year.  During the February meeting we will spend time reflecting collectively on where we are, reviewing and possibly revising our I&M Society Strategic Plan, and developing new initiatives for 2016 to continue to enhance the professional benefits our Society provides to its members.   

We have a great mix of new and continuing members on our I&M Society Administrative Committee (AdCom), and we have a number of new people stepping into leadership positions in the I&M Society this year.  I am looking forward to working with and hearing the perspectives and ideas of our leadership team, our AdCom members, our Society members who serve in various volunteer roles, and our many other I&M Society members.