"To Measure Is To Know"

President's Message from Reza Zoughi


Merriam Webster dictionary defines Quality as “a high level of value or excellence”. Quality is not easily “measured” with common methods of measurement and has no unit associated with it. However, one knows Quality when one comes in contact with it! I have a poster hanging on the wall in my laboratory which simply states “Things of quality have no fear of time” (author unknown). I hung the poster strategically so that as my students walk in they get a glimpse of it, and to reinforce Quality in all aspects of their academic, research and personal endeavors.  We must not be afraid of Quality - must embrace it, strive for it and achieve it in every thing we do for our Society and its members. Quality is only achieved through diligence, hard work, perseverance and the desire to want it. When I was appointed as the editor-in-chief of our Transactions (TIM), we faced a number of challenges. I knew then that if we strived to achieve Quality, we would successfully address and overcome all of those challenges, and we did.  

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