Education Committee

Welcome to the Education Committee activities!  

The I&M Society Education Committee is involved in a number of activities:


Student Activities

IMS is committed to helping students evaluate their goals, enhance early career skills, and boost their professional network.

Education Awards

IMS has the following education awards: Graduate Fellowship Award, Faculty Course Development Award, Best Dissertation Award.

IMS Resources

Lectures and other educational materials can be found on the IMS Resource Center and on the IEEE Learning Network.


VP Education

Chi Hung Hwang

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, NARLabs

The I&M Society Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides I&M chapters around the world with talks by experts on topics of interest and importance to the I&M community. Our lecturers are among the most qualified experts in their own field, and we offer our members a first-hand chance to interact with these experts during their lectures.

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The I&M Society is currently accepting applications for new Distinguished Lecturers for the DLP. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, DLP Evaluations will be conducted virtually on Zoom during the week of I2MTC 2021 (May 16 – 22, 2021). A maximum of 16 applicants this year will be accepted, and applications will be accepted through the deadline of April 30, 2021, until all evaluation slots are filled.

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COVID-19 has required all of us to adapt personally and professionally, and the I&M Society is no exception. To meet this challenge, the I&M Society launched the IEEE IMS Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series. This initiative allowed us to continue providing IMS members with our respected and reputable Distinguished Lecturer program. Recordings of the webinars are now available for free to all.

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For more information, please contact the Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair.


DLP Chair

Kristen Donnell

Missouri University of Science & Technology
United States

The I&M Society offers a selection of Video Tutorials (VTs) that address relevant and important topics of interest to the I&M community. Video Tutorials are classified as belonging to the Expert or Classroom series.

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For more information, please contact the Video Tutorial Program Chair.


Salvatore Graziani

Università di Catania

The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) voted to recognize the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society’s exceptional achievements in professional development activities by awarding the IEEE I&M Society the 2013 IEEE Educational Activities Board Society/Council Professional Development Award with the following citation: “for offering comprehensive educational initiatives in the field of instrumentation and measurement to meet the life-long learning needs of its members”. This award is given to Societies or Councils whose contributions to continuing education and professional development are outstanding as evidenced by their quality, comprehensiveness, innovation, or impact.