Women in Instrumentation & Measurement

On May 22, 2021 the IMS AdCom agreed to take the WIE Pledge on Diversity in IEEE Conferences and Events. This entails supporting the inclusion of a diverse set of speakers, which will lead to more creative, interesting and representative panels across the IEEE.

This Pledge formalizes a practice that the IMS has long followed, starting from the AdCom candidates, members and Officers, and also extended to editorial boards and events. Years of such practice result in a portion of female AdCom members (exceeding 1/3) that exceeds significantly that of the IMS membership. Two out of three Plenary speakers are female at I2MTC 2021, the major conference of IMS. IMS LEADS THE WAY IN DIVERSITY!

If you would like more information, please contact our IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE) Liaison.



IMS WIE Liaison Ferdi Ponci, thanks to the financial support of IMS, participated in the WIE International Leadership Conference, held May 2021 in virtual form. This was an outstanding event, and brought a bit of visibility for IMS in the WIE community.


The new Chair of the WIE Committee is Jenifer P. Castillo Rodriguez. During the November 2020 IEEE Meeting Series, the MGA Board and IEEE Board of Directors approved the establishment of the position of WIE Committee Chair-Elect.  The Chair-Elect will serve a one-year term in 2022, serve as 2023-2024 Chair, and serve as 2025-2026 Past Chair. The Chair-Elect shall be elected by eligible voting members of IEEE who are also WIE members in good standing. More information can be found here.


IEEE WiE Liaison

Ferdinanda Ponci

RWTH Aachen University