IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Career Excellence Award

To recognize a career of meritorious achievement and outstanding technical contribution by an individual in the field of instrumentation and measurement.

$5,000, Plaque, and travel allowance of up to $1,000 is granted on a need basis for the recipient to attend the awards ceremony.
Funded by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.
Awarded annually at the discretion of the I&M Society Awards Committee at the following year’s I2MTC awards ceremony.
Basis for Judging:
Recognizes a lifetime career of meritorious achievement and outstanding technical contributions by an individual in the field of instrumentation and measurement. The nomination must clearly indicate the achievements that define the excellence of the candidate and must reference/provide relevant documentation that is in/or not in/ the public domain. At least 2, but no more than 4 endorsements, must be provided by individuals with close knowledge of a candidate’s activities that led to the achievements cited.
Must be a member of IEEE and the Instrumentation and Measurement Society at the time of nomination and presentation. Voting members of the Society Standing Awards Committee are not eligible. Nominees must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulations established in IEEE and Society/Council governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4. on Awards Limitations ( Previous award winners are not eligible.
Nomination Details:

Nomination Deadline: 1 August

Note Regarding Endorsements: In addition to the Nominator’s letter, at least one, but no more than three support letters may be submitted.

Nomination Form:


Alessandro Ferrero

For his exceptional career achievements in the Instrumentation and Measurement field and his outstanding leadership and mentorship qualities.

Emil Petriu

For a career dedicated to academic research, engineering education, industry R&D, training and mentorship in the field of intelligent sensors, and for outstanding and continuous service to I&M society’s conferences, journal, technical committees, and Administrative Committee.

Reza Zoughi

For lifelong activity and outstanding achievement in pioneering microwave nondestructive testing and evaluation; and for serving the I&M Society in many roles in the past as, among others, President of the Society and EIC of the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.

Kang Lee

For serving the profession technically through his research on Clock Synchronization and leading standardization efforts to disseminate the knowledge; and for serving the I&M society through organizing and co-chairing conferences and through his work on TC-9.

Pasquale Daponte

For a lifelong career and outstanding leadership in research and education on instrumentation and measurement, and a passionate and continuous service, international in scope, to the profession.

Stuart Nelson

For pioneering research in the measurement and study of wide-frequency-range dielectric properties of agricultural materials, for exploring their engineering and scientific applications, and for documenting these properties and findings in reference publications.

Jerry Blair

For significant contributions in instrumentation & measurement for underground nuclear testing, which helped the USA win the Cold War, and for monumental technical and administrative contributions to IEEE standards on waveform recorders, analog-to-digital.

Steve Sparks

For half a century of leadership, advancing state-of-the-art test and measurement instruments.

Massimo D'Apuzzo

For lifelong activity and outstanding achievement in pioneering the use of microcontrollers in electrical measurements.

Solomon Max

For pioneering automatic test equipment design, CODEC & DSP test methodology and monumental improvements in signal generation and digitization hardware & calibration.

Mario Savino

For decades of advancements in measurement science and its dissemination.

Asad M. Madni

For an extraordinary career of enlightened leadership in and pioneering contributions to the development and commercialization of intelligent sensors, systems and instrumentation.

Stephen A. Dyer

For a career dedicated to education in science and engineering; for research contributions in instrumentation and Hadamard-transform spectrometry; and for outstanding contributions to the I&M Society, including service as Editor-in-Chief of Transactions.

Luigino Benetazzo

For a career of activities in academia, government, and industry devoted to the instrumentation and measurement field and its propagation.

Milton G. Slade

For a lifelong career in automated test and measurement and over 15 years of volunteer service to the Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

J. Barry Oakes

For outstanding contributions to the I&M Society, including two decades of service as a member of the Administrative Committee, two terms as Society President, and holding most of the Society offices; for service to the IEEE as a member of the IEEE Board.

Harold S. Goldberg

For outstanding contributions to the Society and the IEEE as President of the I&M Society, Treasurer of TAB and numerous services to Society management, education and conferences.

Stephen F. Adam

For a professional career of more than 50 years and for extensive work in the field of microwave measurement and instrumentation.

Douglas Strain

For a professional career of more than 50 years as a founder of Electro Scientific Industries and the leadership in defining and developing instrumentation systems, particularly for automatic test and calibration.