Distinguished Lecturer Program

The I&M Society Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) is one of the most exciting programs offered to our chapters, I&M members, and IEEE members. It provides I&M chapters around the world with talks by experts on topics of interest and importance to the I&M community. It, along with our conferences and publications, is the way we use to disseminate knowledge in the I&M field. Our lecturers are among the most qualified experts in their own field, and we offer our members a first-hand chance to interact with these experts during their lectures. The I&M Society aids chapters financially so that they might use this program.

All Distinguished Lecturers are outstanding in their fields of specialty. Collectively, the Distinguished Lecturers possess a broad range of expertise within the area of I&M. Thus, Chapters are encouraged to use this program as a means to make their local I&M community aware of the most recent scientific and technological trends and to enhance their member benefits. Although lectures are mainly organized to benefit existing members and Chapters, they can also be effective in generating membership and encouraging new Chapter formation. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the I&M DLP Chair regarding this type of activity.

DLP Chair

Kristen Donnell

Missouri University of Science & Technology
United States

2021 Call for DL Applications

The I&M Society is currently accepting applications for new Distinguished Lecturers for the Distinguished Lecturer Program.
The deadline to apply is April 30, 2021.

Looking for a DL topic not covered by our current DL’s?

Suggest a topic or find a DL who may be able to adapt his or her topic for your event by reaching out to the DLP Chair.

Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series

COVID-19 has required all of us to adapt personally and professionally, and the I&M Society is no exception. To this end, in order to remain connected to our I&M colleagues and friends, the I&M Society hosted two Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar series. Recordings are available at the link below!

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Current Distinguished Lecturers

Eros Pasero

Distinguished Lecturer 2021 - 2024
Medicine 4.0: AI and IOT, the new revolution

Daniel Watzenig

Distinguished Lecturer 2021 - 2024
Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles
Multi-Sensor Perception and Data Fusion

Yong Yan

Distinguished Lecturer 2021 - 2024
Measurement and monitoring techniques through electrostatic sensing

Andrew Taberner

Distinguished Lecturer 2019 - 2022
A Dynamometer for the Heart
Optical Sensing in Bioinstrumentation

Degang Chen

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Accurate Linearity Testing for High Performance Data Converters using Significantly Reduced Measurement Time and Relaxed Instrumentation

Jacob Scharcanski

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Computer Vision in Medical Imaging Measurements: Making Sense of Visual Data

Reza Zoughi

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Evolution of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Imaging for NDE Applications

Mihaela Albu

Distinguished Lecturer 2016 - 2022
High Reporting Rate Measurements for Smart[er] Grids

DL Toolbox

Our Distinguished Lecturer Toolbox contains essential resources such as guidelines, forms, and process documents.

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Past Lecturers

Our complete Distinguished Lecturer List contains past and current DLs and their talk titles.

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DL Reports

Please review the DL reports and take a peek at the pictures by sending a request to the DLP Chair.