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Eros G. Pasero is Professor of Electronics at the Politecnico of Turin since 1991 after a four year appointment as Professor at the University of Roma, Electronics Engineering. He was also Visiting Professor at ICSI, UC Berkeley, CA in 1991, Professor of digital electronics and electronic systems at Tongji University, Shanghai, China in 2011, 2015 and 2017, and Professor of digital electronics and electronic systems at TTPU (Turin Tashkent Politechnic University), Tashkent, Uzbekistan since 2012 to 2014 where he was also vice rector in the first period of 2014.

Prof. Pasero established in 1990 the Neuronica Lab where hardware and software neurons and synapses are studied practical applications; innovative wired and wireless sensors are also developed for biomedical, environmental, and automotive applications. Data coming from sensors are post processed by means of artificial neural networks.

Prof. Pasero is now the President of SIREN, the Italian Society for Neural Networks; he was v. General Chairman of IJCNN2000 in Como, General Chairman of SIRWEC2006 in Turin, general Chairman of WIRN2015, WIRN2016 and WIRN2017, WIRN 2018 and WIRN 2019 in Vietri. He holds 6 international patents (two were the first silicon European neurons and synapse together Texas Instruments). He was supervisor of tenths of international Ph.D and hundredths of Master students and he is author of more than 100 international publications.

Together his group he was awarded with the 1982 CILEA-Sperry award for complex application systems and local distributed architecture”, with the ASSIPE Design-In-Award in 2003 and 2004, with premio "Innova S@alute2017" at the “forum dell'innovazione per la salute” on September 2017; he was IEEE key note speaker at 2014 Symposium series on Computational Intelligence in Orlando, Fl, USA; Distinguished Lecturer of the 2016 IEEE Medical Information Summer School, Distinguished Lecturer of the 2017 IEEE school "Smarter Engineering for Industry 4.0"

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