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About the Grade:

IEEE Fellow is a distinction conferred by the Board of Directors upon select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation. The total number selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total voting Institute membership. Each new Fellow receives a beautifully matted and framed certificate with the name of the Fellow and a brief citation describing the accomplishment, a congratulatory letter from the incoming IEEE president, and a gold sterling silver Fellow lapel pin with an antique finish. 


i&m society ieee fellows


Alessandra Flammini
for contributions to wireless distributed measurements for industrial systems

Massood Zandi Atashbar
for contributions to flexible hybrid electronics

Zhigang Liu
for contributions to fault detection and protection in high-speed railway power systems

Lijun Xu
for contributions to multiphase flow measurement and combustion process monitoring

Elevated by other Societies

Yihong Qi (EMC)
for contributions to over-the-air testing of massive MIMO systems and development of over-the-air measurement systems

Shilong Pan (MTT)
for contributions to high-performance microwave-photonic imaging radar

Paul C.-p. Chao (SEN)
for contributions to optical bio-imaging and sensing technologies

Ruqiang Yan
for contributions to defect/fault detection and diagnosis of rotating machines

Leopoldo Angrisani
for contributions to test and measurement of communication systems

Friedhelm Caspers
for contributions to charged particle accelerators

Dieter Scherer
for contributions to the design of oscillators and synthesized signal sources

Michael Gard
for contributions to instrumentation-and-measurement technology for petroleum exploration, computed tomography, and underground construction

Shervin Shirmohammadi
for contributions to multimedia systems and network measurements

Elevated by other Societies

William Dickerson (PE)
for leadership in precision clock and synchrophasor technologies

Sos Agaian (SMC)
for contributions to biologically-inspired visual data processing systems

Ching-chih Tsai (SMC)
for contributions in intelligent adaptive learning control for industrial systems and machinery

Xin Li (CEDA)
for contributions to modeling, analysis, and optimization of variability of integrated circuits and systems

Mark Yeary
for contributions to radar systems for meteorology

Elevated by other Societies

Degang Chen (C)
for contributions to testing of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits

Jun Fan (EMC)
for contributions to power delivery networks in printed circuit designs

Paolo Carbone
for contributions to quantization and data converter theory

Nachappa Gopalsami
for contributions to millimeter-wave spectroscopy, imaging, and reflectometry

Gaozhi Xiao
for contributions to the development of safety and security monitoring instrumentation and measurement technologies

Elevated by other Societies

Edmund Lam (CAS)
for contributions to modeling and computational algorithms in imaging applications

Alan Finkel (EMB)
for contributions to measurement technology for biomedicine

David Pommerenke (EMC)
for contributions to system-level electrostatic discharge technology

Paul Hale (MTT)
for contributions to metrology of high-speed electronic and optoelectronic devices

Martin Buehler (NPS)
for contributions to metrology through development of semiconductor process control test structures, gas sensors and radiation detectors

Mohammad Alam
for contributions to pattern recognition and high-resolution image reconstruction

Kim Fowler
for contributions to mission-critical and safety-critical systems engineering

Elevated by other Societies

Thilo Sauter (IE)
for contributions to synchronization and security in automation networks

Nick Ridler (MTT)
for contributions to traceability in precision high-frequency electromagnetic measurements

Salvo Baglio
for contributions to development of microsensors and magnetometers

Branislav Djokic
for contributions to precision metrology in electrical power applications

Peter Pupalaikis
for contributions to high-speed waveform digitizing instruments

Elevated by other Societies

Christian Pichot (AP)
for contributions to microwave tomography and antenna designs

Russel Baker (CAS)
for contributions to the design of memory integrated circuits

Chikaodinaka Nwankpa (PE)
for contributions to real-time computation in power system analysis

Rafik Gourbran
for contributions to voice quality measurement and its applications to audio improvement

Thomas Linnenbrink
for leadership in standards for instrumentation and measurement systems

Kenneth Tobin
for contributions to computer vision technology for instrumentation and measurement 

Samir Trabelsi
for contributions to microwave measurements on particulate materials for agriculture

Wuqiang Yang
for contributions to electrical capacitance tomography

Voicu Groza
for contributions to floating-point analog-to-digital conversion

Sergey Kharkovsky
for contributions to microwave techniques for the elevation of materials and structures

Subhas Mukhopadhyay
for development of low-cost smart sensors and sensing systems

Yong Yan
for contributions to pulverized fuel flow metering and combustion flame imaging

James Baker-Jarvis
for contributions to dielectric measurement and analysis of microwave measurement structures

Georg Brasseur
for developments in electronic diesel engine control

George Giakos
for contributions to ultra-high speed waveform measurements

George Zentai
for contributions to the advancement of digal X-ray images

Pasquale Daponte
for contributions to the metrology and standardization of analog to digital and digital to analog converters

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
for contributions to interactive haptic audiovisual systems

Matteo Pastorino
for contributions to analysis of electromagnetic scattering 

Dario Petri
for contributions to digital signal processing techniques for instrumentation and measurement 

Yicheng Wang
for contributions to precision electrical measurements in realization of the International System of Units Farad and Ohm

Robert Gao
for contributions to condition monitoring and health diagnosis of machines through sensing methodologies 

Sorin Marcovici
for contributions to amorphous selenium flat panel detectors and x-ray detectors to electronics for multi-slice CT Scanners

Ruth Dyer
for contributions to the diversity in science and engineering education, and Hadamard-transform spectrometers

Marco Parvis
for contributions to distributed data acquisition systems 

John Schmalzel
for leadership in engineering education 


Becoming an IEEE Fellow

Fellow nominations are due February 7 each year. Any person, not just IEEE members, can prepare a Fellow nomination package. Candidates must be IEEE Senior Members. References from 3 to 5 IEEE Fellows are required, and up to 3 endorsements from any person may be submitted.

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More information on the Fellow nomination process

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