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IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Best Student Chapter Award

$1,000 USD and a certificate
Single Annual Award - Only One Allowable Recipient Selected Annually. Recipient receives full prize including honoraria, and, if applicable, plaque and/or certificate.
This award will be funded by the Instrumentation & Measurement Society. Only one award will be given. The Society's budget includes the amount for this award and the Society's budget is net positive with the inclusion of this award.
Nomination Deadline: 
September 30 (extended from August 20)
The Best Student Chapter will be recognized annually at the IEEE I2MTC.
Basis for Judgement: 
Pre-requisite: The student chapter must have been submitting its annual report regularly.
Basis for Judgement: 
Pre-requisite: The student chapter must have been submitting its annual report regularly. Composition and structure (10%)- Adequate number of student members with at least three officers (i.e.: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary) with specified terms and succession plans. The Student Chapter must have means to promote themselves, for example, a website.Membership Increase (20%)- Identify total number of members in previous two years and current year. Membership Advancement/Increase (10%)- Significant Achievements and Awards received by Chapter Members should be included here. Activities – Technical, Societal/Social, or Student/Industry (40%)- Information can be provided on Technical Activities/Meetings, hosting job fairs or student-industry networking sessions, social activities involving students and the local community, student mentoring services, work towards student membership development, and activities that include interfacing with local industries.


This award is managed by the Membership Development Committee and applications should be sent to the Chapter Chair Liaison. The award will be given to the best student chapter in a given calendar year based on activity. Deadline for Nominations is September 30. Selection will be made in October. Checks will be mailed in the same calendar year, with the award being recognized at the following IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Conference (I2MTC). This award will be given annually. The award will be given only if a suitable awardee is identified. The award will be advertised on the Society website, newsletter, and magazine.