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Technical Award

The Award consists of $2,000 and a certificate. Also up to $1000 will be paid to the recipient for transportation to the place of the presentation.
This award is funded by the IEEE I&M Society.
Nomination Deadline: 
September 1 (extended from August 1)
The award will be presented each year at the IEEE I2MTC Conference.
Open to all, either individuals or groups. Nominees must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society. Membership in the I&M society at the time of nomination is required.
Basis for Judgement: 
The selection criteria for the nominee are based on substantive documentation and tangible evidence of achievement submitted by the nominators.

The I&M Society Technical Award is given to an individual or group of individuals for outstanding contribution or leadership in advancing instrumentation design or measurement technique. Nominees must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society

Nominate for the Technical Award

Award Recipients

    Thomas Linnenbrink Headshot Photo
    For leadership of the Society's TC-10 Waveform Generation, Measurement, and Analysis which runs five sub-committees and is active in developing or promoting five major IEEE standards.

    John Eidson Headshot Photo
    For outstanding leadership in developing the IEEE 1588 Standard for Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems.

    Mel Siegel Headshot Photo
    For dedicated service to the IandM Society as Treasurer and for leadership as Co-Chair of TC-22, TC-27, TC-28 and TC-30.

    Kang Lee Headshot Photo
    For dedicated contributions and services to the Society as Chair of the TC-9 and developer of mini-transducer specifications.

    Headshot Photo
    For contributions to non-linear circuit technology.

    Emil Petriu Headshot Photo
    For contributions to imaging processing systems, robotics, virtual reality and applications of artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and neural networks.

    Vincenzo Piuri
    For outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of computational intelligence in measurement systems and industrial applications.

    For outstanding contributions to electrical engineering in the field of electromagnetic shielding and relating disciplines including measurements.

    For outstanding contributions to and leadership in the science of metrology and for dedication to the Instrumentation and Measurement Society.