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Technical and Standards Activities

Welcome to the Technical and Standards Activities Committee!  The I&M Society TSA Committee is managing the technical committees' activities and is assisting the working groups of the Instrumentation and Measurement Society in developing standards according to the IEEE- SA policy.
Congratulations to TC-39, winner of the 2017 Outstanding TC Award!  For more information, click here.

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and I&M Society Baseline Policies and Procedures for standards development: Each working group of a technical committee (TC) should develop specific Policies and Procedures for standard development according to the Baseline document above.  The editable file will be made available upon request by the Society Executive Administrator, Judy Scharmann.  The TC chair should submit for approval to the TSAC chair the resulting specific document once a working group initiates a standard proposal.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!  IEEE Standards SI Metric Converter™, now available as an application on the Apple iTunes® Store!

    Ruqiang Yan Headshot Photo
    Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
    I&M AdCom (2018-2020); VP Technical & Standards Activities (2016-2019); Technical & Standards Activities Committee Chair (2016-2019); Chapter Chair; TC-7 Co-Chair; TIM Associate Editor-in-Chief (2019)