i2mtc tutorial program

The International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), the major annual conference of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS), is usually held early in May. The conference venue has rotated between Europe, North America, and Asia during the last decade, reflecting the international nature of the Society's membership (the 2011 conference was held in Hangzhou, China). I2MTC tutorials are traditionally held the day prior to the formal conference opening. Recognized academic and industrial authorities present these tutorials in a convenient and informal setting.

The I2MTC tutorial program is an excellent opportunity for Society members and other interested individuals to teach each other about technical topics of mutual benefit and interest. Tutorials have often relied more on the skills and knowledge of academic, rather than industrial, members, sometimes resulting in a perception that industrial practitioners are underserved. The IMS Education Committee understands industrial practitioners have great practical and theoretical experience with leading-edge topics important to the Society's membership, and the Committee encourages specialized presentations by industrial scientists and engineers. Moreover, the Committee recognizes industrial practitioners sometimes must master unfamiliar or little-used material quickly as project loads change, making their need for introductory or refresher material different than those of highly specialized practitioners. The I2MTC tutorial program is transitioning to become a preferred source for academic and industrial instrumentation/measurement technology at both introductory and specialist levels. 

We are actively seeking industrial and academic speakers for the upcoming I2MTC tutorial programs. We encourage recommendations and proposals for tutorials dealing with emerging technologies, specialized measurement techniques and applications, and refresher or introductory material of fundamental importance to all instrumentation and measurement professionals.

Tutorials are generally of 60-90 minutes duration, although longer presentations are possible. Presentations are in English and should include only material that can be distributed to all tutorial attendees (via CDs and similar media); for this reason, formal written permission for IEEE use of presentation materials is expected.  It is particularly important that a tutorial's technology and presentation be objective, of a high standard, and free of salesmanship, marketeering, or other promotional content.

For further information, to make suggestions and recommendations related to the tutorial program, or to propose a tutorial, please contact the Tutorial Co-Chairs.

I2MTC 2021 Tutorials


Sabrina Grassini

Politecnico di Torino

Kurt Barbé

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels