IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Graduate Fellowship Award

To support and encourage graduate-level research in the area of Instrumentation and Measurement

Award Selection Committee

Total yearly grant budget of $45,000USD; Maximum of $15,000USD per grant winner. Award certificate to each selected applicant. Complimentary Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Student Membership, starting in September of the Grant year and including 2 subsequent years.
Funded by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.
Grant recipients will be announced at the annual I²MTC Conference Awards Banquet. Formal notification of the grant will be sent to the recipients, department and university administrators by May 15 (grant year).
Basis for Judgement:
"• Nominating letter from candidate’s graduate advisor.
• Two letters of recommendation from someone (other than the nominator) familiar with the candidate’s research and education qualifications.
• One page biographical summary of the candidate. Include the student’s IEEE membership number.
• 2 page maximum professional/academic summary CV of the graduate advisor. Include the advisor’s IEEE membership number.
• Unofficial copy of the candidate’s transcript. Include an explanation if the grading system differs from the A to F format.
• One page (single-spaced) statement, written by the candidate, outlining the education and research goals and accomplishments. This can include summer internship experience, undergraduate, and graduate work.
• Research proposal, no more than 5 single-spaced pages, that specifically provides the following information:
• Title page containing the title, University name, and contact information of the faculty member submitting the nominating package and the candidate. Include email addresses and phone numbers.
• Research proposal describing the work to be completed by the application. Objectives, approach, and estimated start and completion dates should be included.
• The anticipated type of paper (short or full) for the final report must be identified. Any variation during the timeframe of the grant support should be discussed/approved by the committee chair.
• Budget for the project. Explicitly outline how the funds from this Fellowship will be allocated.
• A letter of support from the faculty member’s department/institution administrator must be submitted (not to be counted as part of the 5-page proposal). This letter must include an explicit statement about the fact that no institutional indirect cost (of any type) will be assessed by the recipient’s institution.
• Candidate must be at minimum, a student member of the IEEE. Candidate’s advisor must be a member of the IEEE and the I&M Society.
• Previous grant recipients are not eligible for a period of two years after receiving the grant.
• No more than one nomination per graduate advisor will be considered.
• Both candidate and Advisor must exhibit actions that reflect positively on and enhance the reputation of the I&M Society.


Yuan Gao

Project Title: Millimeter Wave Diagnosis of Burned Skin
Faculty Advisor: Reza Zoughi

Paritosh Giri

Project Title: Microwave Imaging System with Integrated Laser Technique for Nondestructive Testing of Non-plain Concrete and Metal Structures.
Faculty Advisor: Sergey Kharkovsky

Francesco Picariello

Project Title: Assurance Of Traceability For Smartphone - Based Kinetic Measurements
Faculty Advisor: Pasquale Daponte

Lijuan Wang

Project Title: Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery using Strip Electrostatic Sensor Arrays
Faculty Advisor: Yong Yan

Murat Sean McKeown

Project Title: Novel Substrate Integrated Waveguide Sensor for Determining Complex Permittivity of Biomass
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samir Trabelsi

Ali Foudazi

Project Title: Active Microwave Thermography for Nondestructive Evaluation of Surface Cracks in Metal Structures.
Faculty Advisor: Kristen Donnell

Yunjie Yang

Project Title: An Advanced Digital Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Medical Imaging
Faculty Advisor: Jiabin Jia

Nicholas Erickson

Project Title: De-embedding Techniques for Device Characterization
Faculty Advisor: Jun Fan, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Cejo Konuparamban Lonappan

Project Title: Photonic Time Stretch Based Real-time Instruments for High Bandwidth Signal Characterization
Faculty Advisor: Asad M. Madni, UCLA

Markos Asprou

Project Title: Power System Network Parameters Estimation Through the Use of Measurement Information.
Faculty Advisor: Elias Kyriakides, University of Cyprus.