Linas Svilainis


Linas Svilainis


Linas Svilainis (M’06, SM’13) acquired PhD degree from the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania in 1996. Since 2009 he is a Full time Professor at the Department of Electronics Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Currently he is principal investigator of the Signal Technologies group, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Has coauthored 3 books, 3 handbooks and more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed top journals and conference proceedings. His current areas of research are: design and optimization of ultrasound electronics; time of flight estimation; flow measurement; laser ultrasound; air-coupled ultrasound; spread spectrum excitation; ultrasonic signal technologies and processing; large scale LED video displays; electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection of electronic systems.

Position(s) & Affiliation(s)

Kaunas University of Technology